Raketa with funky Hands, Raketa Calendar Watch, Poljot Alarm, all Made in USSR

Why posting on watch fora pays off

On September 10th 2004 Brian Uziel posted about a new watch with Maya (20 based number system) indices. Adam in NY then asked about any other interesting watches with unusual indices. I called my wife because I knew she had some wrist watches with Thai numerals somewhere in a box. In that box I found these new old stock Raketas and an identical Poljot Alarm. Unfortunately my wife does not remember where she bought the watches, most likely though they are from a trip to Vientiane, the capital of Laos. The so called "Thieves Market" there offers or offered a lot of Russian goods. I got e.g. a very fine pair of Russian Army binoculars in a very sturdy leather case with excellent lenses for USD 15. At the time I did not even look at watches since I thought my Russian watch bases were covered with the Poljot 3133 Chronograph and the Poljot 2612 Alarm. Well, 8 years later, I could not be happier that my wife was wise enough to buy these pieces!