Poljot Chronograph, Cal. 3133
(Made in USSR)

Spherical  Crystal and Glare
The Sector Expander 140, the Universal Chronograph and this watch proofed to be the most difficult watches to photograph. Mainly because of the spherical crystal which reflects about everything in the neighborhood. I guess the only thing to get rid of the glare and the reflections would be to build a black cardboard tent around the watch and to "pack" the camera behind a black "peephole" board as well. I will try that later.
The scratches look terrible on this picture, try to see picture "Dial 2", the scratches are not that bad really. But the light really got them here. And if you would have seen how the sellers at the Brandenburg Door - where I bought the watches in October 1993 - just carried those watches loose in paper bags, then you would ask yourself why there are not more scratches.
When reshot on August 16th, I noticed that the Gold had become slightly stained. Looks like the the Copper was working in the Pink Gold. This is quite usual for Gold plated or even 18K Gold watches and can normally be cleaned relatively easily with a so called "Silver Polishing Tool" that also normally contains some chemical substances to clean tarnish. If you plan to sell a watch, it is probably a better idea to have it cleaned only once before you sell it. Especially true with gold plated watches. You do not want to thin the already thin gold-plated layer.