DateJust YG/SS 1980

My second Rolex
Unfortunately the OysterQuartz - my first Rolex - is no more. After having read the article of Mr. Carlos Perez ("Prometheus Bound" on TimeZone Features) I really regret not having it anymore.
I was not a real WIS at the time, you can see that the watch took some beating. This watch also was my luck bringer, I wore it during many ice hockey games under the gloves.
Just today, May 27th, 2002, I received a watch polishing kit from and I will try to clear those marks on the acrylic crystal and post a picture of the improvement which I hope I will be able to achieve. If I remember that party correctly, someone extinguished a cigarette on the crystal. Youth... or maybe envy?

One day later on May 28th, I already "played" with CrystalClear and I have to say, it is an amazing product. I would have never expected such a great result. But please see for yourself:


After ca. 4 minutes of polishing

More about those polishing agents

Amazing what this product did to that acrylic crystal. I know this looks a bit like those late night TV sales shows, but this product really works miraculously. There are a lot of other products out there, one is tooth paste, another one is Autosol. Basically you are looking for a creamy liquid that contains abrasive particles. And always test on a similar material or at a location you can not see! These polishing agents also work on metal of course and you can also polish e.g. a watch back.  Of course you test before you start working on your favorite watch! And be careful with satin brushed surfaces... they can actually turn slightly glossy and it will be very difficult to keep that homogenous satin brush intact. For satin brushed surfaces use the ink eraser or a rubber block containing sapphire or diamond dust or similar abrasive particles. Always start slowly and with little pressure to see the effect of your work. Stop frequently and check with the 3, 4 or 10 times loupe! Polishing takes patience.