RADO Coupole - advertised as first "caseless" watch, ca. 1990

A close-up to show how the lugs...
press the crystal and case back together. There is a screw from the bottom of the stainless steel lug-case extension pulling the golden lug part down onto the crystal. Battery change was not a problem at all.
"Coupole" stands for English "dome" (Italian, cupola, from Latin cupula, a diminutive of cupa, tub). Think of the domed roof of a historic cathedral. This RADO Coupole is very small by today's standards and it looks small on the wrist. Luckily, I have a small wrist, so I am fine with it and honestly, I do no care that much what fashion dictates. Older and vintage watches are small because they reflect the common wrist watch size of their time. I think of that  when I am wearing smaller watches, rather then comparing it to the latest trends. It measures a mere 30 mm in diameter, is 6.5 mm high and weighs only 21 grams including the leather band.

If you got interested in this "sandwich construction" then please click the button and look for the case back and movement pictures