ROTARY gold-plated Quartz Pocket Watch, ca. 1987

A snap on back that can be opened with the fingernail, just like Gramps PW
Not water resistant really, but what a beautiful movement inside! Luckily the battery (a Renata) had not been leaking during the last 22 years and what a beautiful movement this is. Those were the days when Quartz movements still looked like artworks. Reasonable sized gear trains, beautiful finish. You can find a super-sized movement picture of this ESA 960 111 here.
My watch tutor had given me a CD with all his early Quartz movement pictures. Looking at these and seeing my watch tutor salivate, had started this passion for early watch movements. Luckily I had bought Quartz watches all the time. Even during the times they were not popular at all. Especially the ones from the land of the rising sun. In some shops it took some courage to just ask for a SEIKO. Maybe the shop owner had some relatives that had lost their jobs due to the sloppiness of the Swiss industry protecting their trade secrets. Swiss companies had often welcomed visitors with pride and opened all doors for them. Ironically quite a few companies had to close all their doors soon after. The industrial spies had documented all they needed and their secrets went with them were the sun rises.