ROTARY gold-plated Quartz Pocket Watch, ca. 1987

Just found this watch recently, I had completely forgotten about it! (Mar 2009)
I had paid CHF 150 for it at Zurich Bahnhofstrasse. No, not in an expensive watch shop. They would have probably given me a skewed look when I came in an asked for a ROTARY Quartz pocket watch. In 1987 the Swiss Watch Industry had swung back from the Quartz Depression and things looked very rosy. And the rosier things look, the higher the noses are being held at the Bahnhofstrasse. And everywhere else where people shop that made big and easy money.
This watch comes from a very old Coop ( branch called Annahof. Today there is a Christ boutique in the basement on your right. There are always discounts available at Annahof (Zurich watch shopping hint). However I liked the face of this one so much, that I bought it full price.