RONDA, Lausen, Switzerland
Today mainly a watch movement manufacturer, an independent too

RONDA Quartz Model 550
Ronda Cal. 1377, Battery RW44
Front Back Movement Zoom

An independent manufacturer, still today! But not producing entire watches anymore, but focusing on the production of movements and parts. And there are not many independent manufacturers around anymore. Oris is probably one of the better known. The quartz revolution had shattered the pillars of the Swiss watch industry beyond repair for the companies that could not manage that change. Companies that did not have the cash to hire electronics engineers instead of qualified watchmakers, that did not have the funds for a thorough retooling were left behind. At that time, nobody knew, that already 15 years later, Swiss watch companies were desperately trying to find qualified mechanical watchmakers. Nobody expected the resurrection of the mechanical watches to come so quick and with such demand.

What has Cyclos to do with Ronda?
On an interesting side note, Mr. John Ermel, the inventor of the ingenious Cyclos watch and the founder of the Cyclos Watch Company was a former RONDA engineer. That is the watch which shortens the hour hand's length during night time using a very complex gearwheel mechanism consisting of 4 wheels that control the length of the hour hand. This is from his website:

Without knowledge about this clock, the architect and designer John C. Ermel, working on an order for a new watch design, had the idea of making the difference between the cycles of day and night obvious. This could be achieved by using a radially adjustable hour hand. He arranged the scale of hours on a so-called "Pascal’s spiral”, a conchoid of a circle, a special cycloid achieved by overlapping the usual clockwise rotation with translation in the radial direction – in this case a sine curve with a cycle of 24 hours.

If I managed to stir your interest now, please follow this link to the full explanation on John's website.