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UHR-KRAFT Quartz Chronograph, Miyota Cal. 0S20

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Dear All

Quite a surprise waited for me when returning from Hong Kong! This beautiful and BIG UHR-KRAFT Quartz Chronograph had been shipped to me from the Netherlands. All I had to do to keep it, was to write a review about. Well, that sounds like a good deal, given the Beauty of the Beast.

In order to address my rather slow link to my ISP, I created again a tabular report. You can either click trough the report by clicking on the pictures on each page, or you could look at the pictures individually starting from the table below.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I created this review!

For an idyllic and tropical weekend photo series- or how I spent the first weekend with the watch - click here please!

Best regards

Reto Castellazzi, Bangkok, August 23rd 2002

Overall Height: 11 mm
Case Height: 7 mm
Case Width: 42 mm
Lug to Lug Length: 48 mm
End Link Width at Case Side: 24 mm
Tapered to: 20 mm
Dial Width: 30 mm

Weight: a whopping 160 grams, resized still 153 grams

UHR-KRAFT Quartz Chronograph

The Box

The Box from the Back

The Box from the Side

The open Box from the Front

The Front

Slightly different View

Moving closer

Yet closer

The Back

The Clasp

The Case Back

Side View

Zooming in from the Side

From the Top

The Back

The open Back

The Movement, Cal. 0S20

On the Wrist


Yet closer

From the Side

From the Top

A steeper Angle
The Clasp on the Wrist

The Reset Button

Detail Bracelet

Details End Links
Under the Stereoscope

The Logo at 20x Magnification

The Logo at 40x

The Second Sub Dial

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