Review 2: ORSA Quartz Chronograph Miyota OS60

The Strap

It is a stitched strap, that means the loops of the strap on the buckle side are held in place by double stitching. The inside of the buckle shows STAINLESS STEEL and the buckle itself is unsigned. I like that actually.

When you look at the strap you will notice that the rings have a silky gloss. It is really a nice feature: the loops are actually satin brushed and so is the buckle.

The open strap (with the watch inserted) measures 30 cm or 11 3/4 inch. It is about 1.1 mm thick and smooth. I did not detect those little hairs that will immediately show on cheap straps after wearing them a day or too. I also noticed that the strap was cut using heat which nicely binds and stabilizes the sides.

The smallest wearing position of the strap is about 6 3/4 inch or 17 cm and since I have a 6.5 inch wrist, I had to cut another hole. That is really easy and actually fun. See the HOW TO here please (will open new window).