Review 2: ORSA Quartz Chronograph Miyota OS60

The Lume

The picture below was taken at around 7 PM (dusk) in Hong Kong after having the atoms quickly "charged" with a halogen desktop light. Luminova and Super Luminova watches shine very brightly after having been activated by exposure to a strong light source but the intensity fades. Unless Tritium which will simply keep glowing, but only for ca. 12.5 years. Then the Tritium will turn to a yellowish to a brownish color and the luminosity will eventually completely seize.

I just learned from the manufacturer that C1 Super Luminova has been used on the index markers and hands. Super luminova means that the time will be readable all night long.

I reported at first that the MOD-style's lume is better then the Quartz Chronograph's. The manufacturer had contacted me and wondered how the Chronograph could have less lume since it uses C1 Super Luminova. Well, really all my fault and I would like to apologize for any wrong perceptions created. The problem was simply that the apartment in Hong Kong is never really completely dark and that the city also never really sleeps. There are street lights and neons that will always give some rest light. Therefore I was really curious to make a real test in a completely dark room back in Bangkok.

Here are the MOD-style and the Quartz Chronograph side by side:

Then I had to find the Coolpix manual to see how to manually set the exposure to a maximum of 60 seconds. Luckily I found at least the French Manual. And here are the results.

Experiment starts at 08:00 AM with an exposure to a ceiling light for ca. 1 minute, the watches had been in the dark for 5 hours before. The first picture is taken

At 8:07 AM it is already clearly visible that the Chronographs C1 Super Luminova on the indices has a longer lasting glow. From my experiment I assume that the MOD-style's hand and the luminous dot on the bezel are also Super Luminova while the indices are most likely Luminova.

Lume shot at 8:15 AM

Lume shot at 8:41 AM. Now the Luminova's initial charge is exhausted, yet, the dial will be legible for another 8 hours. Please note that the monitor light of the camera created enough ambient light in the completely darkened room that you can see the chronograph's case and you can also see the strap loops of both watches.

I was tricked by the memory and the perception that those much bigger hands on the MOD-style initially glow very bright. This test shows that the C1 Super Luminova of the Chronograph's indices has indeed a better glowing duration. Stupid me, I apologize for this confusion. I should have waited to comment about the lume until I had the chance to test both watches side by side.