Just to illustrate the AT's great lume. Of course I could not resist taking a picture near the "confusion area" when the second hand is near the minute hands. But if you wear the watch, your brain will immediately tell you that the bigger triangle is the minute hand. Not a problem at all. And I think there might be reviews out there that might make a problem out of it. In my eyes it is not a problem because this will never be a tactical or a service watch, where fastest error free reading out of the time is very important. The best service or tactical watches will feature Tritium vials, at least that is my opinion after finally having added my first Tritium vials watch, the yellow Traser.
Below is another lume shot zoomed in on the dial.

The picture below shows you how you see the AT at night and also confirms my point, that it will be not that easy to confuse the second hand with the minute hand.