This picture shows the dials and hands nicely. I have checked both watches with my 10 x loupe and found both dials about the same quality. The Omega hands are surprisingly well finished. If the hands and indices of the Grand Seiko are hand finished, then my compliments go to the robots that churn out just a high Omega quality.

The biggest minus on MY "Aqua Terra" is how the lume is painted onto the applied rectangular chrome steel banks behind the triangular indices. That is quite a sloppy job. The robots are obviously not nearly as good as the humans (I am thinking of the lume artist Kent Parks from ) in this department. On the 11 hour marker there is even a piece of lume missing, in the lower right corner. I was first a bit disappointed to find this under the 40 x magnification of my stereoscope but then I reminded myself, only watch IDIOT savants think like that and since this little piece of missing lume is not visible even during the darkest night, I can live with it today without having those bad WIS feelings.