Please note that I used Auto Levels of Photoshop to enhance the showing of this little defect. You will not notice this defect also in the darkest night if looking at the freshly charged luminous paint. But that is why they call us watch IDIOT savants. We always seem to look at the watches just to find and remember the defects rather then leisurely enjoying them. When I first found this missing piece of lume, I was of course disappointed. But having been living in Thailand for more then 10 years has also improved my capability of dealing with imperfections and so I can honestly say, it does not bother me today anymore and I am barely remembering it when enjoying to wear my AT.
If you feel really good and enthusiastic about your watches, then I suggest you do this: pull out your strongest loupe, a stereoscope or your children's biology microscope, that will bring you down to earth like a T-10 parachute, or in other words, quite fast with a bump!