Quartz Watches and Batteries from Reto's Watch Collection


First: Learn about Batteries

Learn about watch batteries and their construction and check whether you have the right type battery for your watch. Remember, the watch cell will sit in there until its end of life with varying temperature and maybe even humidity if your o-ring ages before the battery dies. My watch tutor Rob B wrote this great article Watch Battery Types and Construction. If you are new to watch cells, have a look at this article first.

Second: I am speaking from experience - do remove or replace a dead watch cell as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the higher the risk that the battery starts leaking. And that is very often the end of a Quartz caliber. If possible, use only watch cells that are "fresh". A good watch parts or online shop will tell you the expiration date of the cells.


Third: Casio and similar electronic movements often contain springs that are sometimes loosely inserted into movement holes. Casio case backs are normally held by 4 Allen screws. Hold the case back down while removing all 4 screws. Then carefully lift it and make sure, none of these loose springs fly off. Not all Casio movements feature these loose springs.


Notes regarding the table below:
If there is no comment in the last column, that
means that watch was easy to open. Screwed case backs are almost never a problem with a good opener. The Bergeon 5700Z for screwed case backs stands out as one expensive and professional option, a less expensive JAXA or similar opener are equally suited. Please see my case opener overview (opens new window) table to see common openers for screwed case backs.
Snap-on case backs can be difficult and tricky to open without leaving opening marks. If the snapped-on case back does not budge, bring the watch to the watchmaker. At the bottom of case opener overview  page, you will find some snap-on case openers. Hints on how to use them are on this page.
Watches that are published on the RWC collection table, are directly linked to the front view of given watch. The front view page will open in a new window.

The secret of opening snap-on case backs is often to twist or pry your opener in ONE QUICK MOTION. When I started to open snap-on cases, I would often slowly and hesitantly  increase more opening force. Not a good way, because often it results in slipping and opening marks. If you watch professionals open snap-on cases, they often inspect the opening groove, select the tool and then confidently and quickly "click" the snap-on case back open.


Reto's Quartz Watches
Watches chronological as opened,
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Type Movement Battery Alternative Opening and setting hints
Raymond Weil Fidelio Analog ETA 255.411, 6 Jewels R373 SR916SW  
IWC Ingenieur Analog IWC Cal. 633 R397 SR726SW Put the watch parallel to the big arm of the Bergeon 5700Z, mount one bracelet end to the arm with a Scotch tape
IWC Ultra Sportivo Analog IWC Cal. 631 R397 SR726SW
Jaeger LeCoultre Kryos Analog JLC Cal. 631 R397 SR726SW
Jaeger LeCoultre Heraion Analog JLC Cal. 631 R397 SR726SW
Baume et Mercier Shogun Analog ETA 255.411, 6 Jewels R373 SR916SW Screwed back! Opens with Bergeon 5700 suction pad!
Heuer 2000 Quartz Chronograph Analog ETA 955.232, 26 Jewels R395 Put the watch parallel to the big arm of the Bergeon 5700Z, mount one bracelet end to the arm with a Scotch tape
Ronda Quartz Analog Ronda Cal. 1377 R303 SR44SW
Tissot Digital F1 Quartz Digital Cal. 4311 2 x RW47
Breitling Tabarly Analog ESA 965 312 RW311
Mirexal Gold-Colored Analog ETA 555.415, 1 Jewel R371 SR920SW
Heuer SEL Gold-Plated 10 m Analog ETA 955.412, 7 Jewels R395
Tissot PRX 100 Quartz 2 Tone Analog ETA 955.112, 7 Jewels R371 SR920SW
Swatch Skeleton Quartz Analog R390 SR1130SW
Certina DS Quartz Silver Dial
2 Tone Flex Bracelet
Analog ETA 955.112, 7 Jewels R371 SR920SW Bergeon opener, watch in movement holder! Scotch tape to protect case!
Bucherer Steel,
Black Mirror Bezel
Analog ETA 955.412, 7 Jewels R371 SR920SW
Revue Thommen Greenmark Analog/Counter ETA 955.412, 7 Jewels R371 SR920SW
Citizen Minute Repeater
Perpetual Calendar
Analog Cal. 6760 R395 SR927SW
Raymond Weil Flat
Gold Plated Black Strap
Analog ETA 210.001, 8 Jewels R44, 7.9 mm Ucar 346
Emilio Carducci Analog ETA 210.001, 8 Jewels R44, 7.9 mm Ucar 346
Citizen Chrono assembled in
FR Germany
Analog Cal. 6850A R395 SR927SW
Longines Charleston
30 min Chrono
Analog ETA 255.241, 16 Jewels R395 SR927SW
Rado Coupole black strap Analog ETA 956.412, 7 Jewels R362 SR721SW
Camel Trophy Multichrono
Snap On back
Analog Morioka Tokei VD01A Sony 1130
Camel Trophy Chronograph
screwed back
Analog Miyota 3S10, 12 Jewels R395 SR927SW
Citizen Perma Bright Analog Miyota 7933, 7 Jewels UC373 SR916SW
Breil Chrono Analog ETA 955.232, 20 Jewels Ucar 395
Seiko Multifunction via Crown Analog Seiko 6M25B,
Battery leaked!!!
Seikazin 920
Citizen Alarm Chrono
gold-plated white face
Analog Miyota 3S10A, 12 Jewels R395 Sony 927
Citizen Ti Chrono Gold Hands Analog Miyota 3S10A, 12 Jewels R395
Tissot TwoTimer 2 Tone
Black Rubber strap
Analog-Digital ETA 958.335, 7 Jewels R370 SR920W
Casio Personal DB AB-550
Silver Face
Analog-Digital Cal. 372 LR1120  
Casio 1/1000th Second Analog-Digital Cal. 373 R395 SR927SW
Movado Museum Watch Analog ETA 956.042 R364 SR621W
Givenchy 2-Tone Analog ETA 955.414, 7 Jewels R371, 9.5 mm SR920SW
Mirexal Titanium Analog ETA 955.414, 7 Jewels R371, 9.5 mm SR920SW
W. Honegger Analog ETA 955.412, 7 Jewels R371 SR920SW Open with stack of coins and Bergeon tool. Take strap off before trying lift the case back. A basic rule for almost any snap-on case back watch.
TRICO Promotional Watch
(Mike F.)
Analog ISA 268 R364 SR621W HOROTEC Case Crab small claws, one at groove
Christ Split Second
Quartz Chrono
Analog ETA 251.262 R394 SR936SW Bergeon 5700, take strap off and use holders at lug side
Certina Triple Date Moonphase Analog ETA 255.483, 7 Jewels R373 SR916SW
Piquot Meridien Analog M1811 (case
back inscription)
R362 SR721SW 50 Satang coin matches battery cover perfectly
Fendi Gents Analog ETA 980.005, 7 Jewels R379 SR521SW Difficult to open! Take bracelet off! Use HOROTEC Case crab wide claws, position at lug side
Fendi Ladies Analog ETA 980.005, 7 Jewels R379 SR521SW Difficult to open! Take bracelet off! Use HOROTEC Case crab small claws, case is a bit up on one side, but one claw there
Tissot Rockwatch Analog ETA 976.001 R321 SR616SW
Certina DS Quartz 2 Tone
Grey Dial Brown Strap
Analog ETA 955.412, 7 Jewels R317 SR516SW Careful, Bergeon opener will leave marks on inner lug side!
Citizen Alarm World Time
Chrono Slide Ruler Magic Light
Analog-Digital Miyota C460-Q00788 R395 SR927SW
Innovative Time Navigator
Melody Alarm
Digital Chinese Movement ???
Quasar Alarm Chrono Analog-Digital Miyota TL11, 1 Jewel R395 SR927SW
Seiko 6A40 Date Hand
Moonphase Chrono
Analog 7T36B R395 SR927SW Gasket ring replaced, careful when opening and closing, new ring is a bit tight
Citizen Racing Timer Analog-Digital C070-088476 R395 SR927SW JAXA opener, 5700 can not be used if rubber strap is not taken off and this is a headache
Citizen Aqualand Analog 2Tone Analog 5810-F80014   CR2016 JAXA opener with round bits, opens easily, RESET! Crown out, all 3 PB in for 2 secs, no hint inside watch!
Seiko Alarm Timer Chrono SEL
2 Tone Blue Face
Analog 7T42A R395 SR927SW Case Opener Knife sharp blade plus thin plastic card
Mayco Alarm Chrono Pocket Watch
(not on website)
Analog-Digital Hong Kong, 1 Jewel R392 (Union Carbide) SR41W  
Tissot TwoTimer 2 Tone Bracelet Analog-Digital ETA 958.331, 7 Jewels R373 SR916SW Case Opener Knife sharp blade plus thin plastic card, squeeze sharp blade in on one long side and slightly pry open, then use card
Citizen Solar Alarm Chrono
Butterfly solar cells
Analog-Digital C030, 1 Jewel No. 280-403   Note on Battery: This Nr. Is the secondary Battery and should be an original Citizen battery according to the sticker inside!
Casio Expensive Hotbiz HBZ-100 Digital Cal. 1811 CR2016 Case Opener Knife sharp blade parallel on one side
Casio Speed Memory 100 AW-20 Analog-Digital Cal. 384 Sony 1120
Casio DBX-100, LCD defect,
Keyboard rubber sticky!
Digital Cal. 216 CR1220 x 2 Screws were tight like hell, one screw damaged but filed back into shape
Raymond Weil 18 K Electro
Gold-Plated Dress Black Strap
Analog ETA 955.412, 7 Jewels R371 SR920SW Not easy to open, put scotch tape on case first and use Bergeon Opener
Casio DataBank AB-500
(DEC teaching schedule)
White Face
Analog-Digital Cal. 386 R395 SR927SW
Casio DataBank DBX-112
Grey Resin Case and Back,
Metal Bracelet
Digital Cal. 642 CR1616
Casio DBC-610
Historic First Data Base!
Digital Cal. 676 CR1616
Casio Personal DB AB-550
Dark Grey Face
Analog-Digital Cal. 372 R395 SR927SW What a surprise, that "metal" case was painted Resin, well, well
Casio Analog-Digital with
Thermometer AW-10
Analog-Digital Cal. 378 R395 SR927SW
Dunhil Facet Quartz Analog-Digital ETA 956.112, 7 Jewels R377 SR626SW Very disappointed to see that Dunhill Hong Kong Service Center replaced the battery, did not replace the O-Ring, but squeezed in the old O-Ring again that was too wide already and would not fit in the groove. Knowing this would not be water-resistant, they used a silicon paste that was rock hard after almost 2 years. That is the last time I give a watch to them, HKD 80 for such a "screw-up"
Tissot PR 50 Chrono
Black Face and Strap
Analog ETA 251.272, 22 Jewels R394 SR936SW Careful when opening, case back pretty tight, protect lugs when using Bergeon tool
Pierre Balmain
Arabesque Chrono
Analog ETA 251.272, 22 Jewels R394 SR936SW Snap on back, careful, put scotch tape on case, there is enough space for the tape opposite the crown. If case back does not budge, use the HOROTEC Case Crab
Omega Seamaster Quartz
Lillehammer 1994 L.E.
Analog ETA 255.461, 6 Jewels R395 SR927SW JAXA with round bits
Seiko Intelligent Calendar
Sports 150 D.Blue Strap
Analog 6M32 R395 SR927SW Careful when closing, O-Ring is new and a bit tight
Seiko Macchina Sportiva Analog 7T32B R395 SR927SW
Seiko 150 Sports Black
Chrono Black Strap
Analog 7T42B R395 SR927SW
Ellesse Mid-Size Diver
Black Strap
Analog ETA 955.414, 7 Jewels R371 SR920SW
Seiko Multifunction Stainless
via Crown and Date Window
Analog 6M26A R395 SR927SW
Bucherer by Alfex
Anthracite Dial Black Strap
Analog ETA 955.412, 7 Jewels R395 SR927SW
Citizen Spacemaster RC
Grey Strap
Analog Miyota 8410M, 9 Jewels CR2032 The 2032 is about double the thickness of the 2016
Casio Ana-Digi 2-Tone with
2-Tone Bracelet  curved LCD
segment at 6 o'clock AD-702
Analog-Digital Cal. 388 SR920W
Citizen 3 Band RC with
Antenna in Crystal
Analog Miyota Cal. 7400M CR2016
Casio Telememo 30 DBW-320
Metal Case Brown Strap 
Digital Cal. 838 CR2016
Timex 1st Indiglo Series
Watch Prague 1993
Analog TIMEX
Cal. B30 Philippines
VARTA 376 R376
Citizen Yacht Timer Analog-Digital Miyota C211, 0 Jewels R395 SR927SW
Citizen Ana-Digi with
green EL Backlight
and LAP Timer
Analog-Digital Miyota C401 R395 SR927SW
Seiko Ti  Alarm Chrono with
Ti Bracelet (expensive!)
Analog 7T32B R395   Careful when closing, original rectangular O-Ring replaced with round O-Ring. Interesting, so many Seiko O-Rings were found to be squeezed to a much bigger diameter and thus needed replacing even the rubber was still OK. Never found on a Citizen or Casio, do those companies use different rubber? Or are the grooves deeper in those watches and thus the pressure less? 
Junghans RC Mega 2Tone Analog-Digital Junghans W605   CR2026 Put tape opposite the antenna side on the case and carefully use Bergeon opener. Case back opens OK, but gap is very tiny. Easy to slip off! 
Raymond Weil Tango Analog ETA 955.412, 7 Jewels R371 SR920SW The snap-on Case Back groove is nice but the location close to the lug plus the fact that the case back sits very tight, make this watch extremly difficult to open. The HOROTEC Case Crab does not really help, because the case back sits very tight on the case. Use the Bergeon opener, there are some marks on the lugs, so no need to worry too much. And interesting, this watch had a battery replacement already, I bought it new from an inflight shop but the battery was definitely replaced. There were pretty big marks on the lug already, that is why I did not care too much when opening again. That is maybe how watches end up in inflight shops as promotions 
Casio BGP-200 Blue Flight
Planner with 3 World Times
Digital Cal. 931 CR2016
Calvin Klein by Swatch Group
with Meshed Band
Analog ETA 901.005 R321 SR616SW Ladies' movement with huge spacer, careful when opening with Bergeon opener, protect lugs with thick paper first then pry open case back, there is a small mark on the lug
Timberland Chrono
with Bordeaux Strap
Analog Miyota 0S30, 0 Jewels R394 SR936SW Scotch tape on case back opposite crown, then Bergeon case back opener
Bucherer ATLETICO Quartz
Alarm Chrono
Analog-Digital ETA 251.265 R394 SR936SW Protect case between lugs with double paper layer and pry open with Bergeon case back opener
Citizen Small Quartz Alarm Chrono
Analog Miyota 6850A R395 SR927SW Take Bracelet off and use HOROTEC Case Crab between the lugs!
Rado CERAMIC Rubber Strap Analog ETA 956.112, 7 Jewels R364 SR621W Protect case with paper or scotch tape, use Bergeon opener, wiggle open
Timeforce Chrono Yellow Strap Analog Miyota Cal. 0S10, 0 Jewels R395 SR927SW
Casio Hotbiz VDB-2010
with Touchscreen
Digital Cal. 1554 CR2016
Casio Hotbiz DB-2000
with direction Keys
Digital Cal. 1498 CR2016
Casio DBM-150 Black Resin,
Silver EL Button,
1st Memory Protect
Digital Cal. 1079 CR2016
Swatch Irony Chronograph Analog ETA 621 332 R394 SR936SW
Citizen Ana-Digi Diver
Greenish Face with Red Frames
Analog-Digital Miyota Cal. C500, 0 Jewels CR2016 JAXA with round bits
Ellesse 2-Tone Alarm Chrono
with Bracelet
Analog Miyota Cal. 3S10, 12 Jewels R395
Seiko Scrolling Stock Ticker
Style Inverse LED
Analog-Digital H021A R390 SR1130SW
Seiko Blue Face Multifunction
via Crown Alarm Chrono 2-Tone
Analog 6M25A, 5 Jewels R390 SR1130SW
Seiko Alarm Chrono White Face
Blue Subdials 2-Tone Bracelet
Analog 7T32B R395 SR927SW
Accurist Alarm Chronograph Analog Miyota Cal. 6W50 R395 SR927SW
Casio Twincept ABX-620 1st
Metal Twincept 2-Tone
Analog-Digital Cal. 1353 R395 SR927SW
Casio Twincept ABX-632 2nd
Metal Twincept 2-Tone
Analog-Digital Cal. 1756   2 x LR1120  
Casio MRG-100T Mr. G Titanium
with Ti Bracelet (went to good a
friend in NYC)
Digital Cal. 1569 CR1216
Casio VDB-1000
1st Touchscreen,
the smartest Casio ever!
Digital Cal. 658 CR2016
Citizen Digital Aqualand
with Data Transfer System to PC
Digital Miyota Cal. D202   CR2025 Not as thick as the 2032, but thicker then the 2016. Battery weak announced by display in 1997 shortly after bought, watch kept running for 5 years on battery low display. Maybe the low batt threshold too high?
Casio ProTrek PRT-500 Twincept Analog-Digital Cal. 1376 CR2016
Casio TSR-100 Infrared
Temperature Scanner
Digital Cal. 1190 CR2025 Again, the IR scanner probably a bit thirstier thus a 2025
Casio AD-300
Illuminator Chronograph,
one of the 1st EL Watches
Analog-Digital Cal. 1320   CR 1616 + SR920  Sometimes you get more then you asked for. I have never seen a more awkward design from Casio. The watch consists of two layers and the top layer does not seem to have much more function then to contain the alarm buzzer, another chip and the CR1616 battery. The white plastic spacer serves as push-button spring, go figure! I strongly suspect, that this was one of the first EL Backlight watches and honestly, this does not really look like Casio development to me. I have seen el-cheapo Ana-Digis from Mainland China with exactly the same sandwich structure. EL was first patented by Timex and produced in Mainland China. Looks like Casio was really in a rush to adapt the technology. This design is simple a disappointment. It is mechanically elegant how the two movements stack on each other, but the spacer that holds the two movements down and serves as push-button springs is simple nonsense, sorry.
Casio ALT-6000 AltiBaroTemp
First Twin Sensor
Digital Cal. 950 CR2025
Casio CT-000 G-Cool Digital Cal. 1514   CR2016 First to bars have to be removed, then the case back opens, then a plastic spacer, a rubber layer, and the worst, a battery replacement instruction sticker on the battery holder and battery. If you are not careful when removing this, the movement could easily be destroyed.
Casio JG-100 Infrared
Game Watch
(Traffic Jam Watch)
Digital Cal. 1268 CR2032 The IR beam needs power, thus a thick 2032 at work!
Casio CMD-40 Learning
Wrist Commander (Second
Digital Cal. 1174   CR2032 An awkward design to retain the thick 2032. A little piece of rubber has to be squeezed into battery holder gap. The battery holder cannot be closed completely without a battery, careful when closing the case back without battery. Again IR at work, this time as remote controlling unit including learning function
Casio DBX-103 Black Resin,
Black Case Back
Digital Cal. 642 CR1616
Bulova Accutron Digital Bulova Cal. 218 Rayovac 344
Casio AW-38 (round, thin
and nice design, two red buttons)
Analog-Digital Cal. 747 Sony SR920W R371  
Casio AW-21U round Worldtimer
with world map (given away)
Analog-Digital Cal. 387 SR1120W  
Casio ABX-50 (Databank round
with Help function)
Analog-Digital Cal. 788 SR927SW  
Casio AB-50W (DataBank 50,
Analog-Digital CAl. 753 SR927SW Watch rubber band cracked! Little Spring in Spacer! Incredible long battery life!
Aqua (Timex) Made in Philippines Digital/Indiglo No info CR2016
Citizen Digital Surftimer Digital No info CR2016 Quality of case back insufficient (oxidation) but great spring bars!
Millenium Watch (from parents,
not on website)
Analog-Digital SR1120W Nice screwed case back
Minitz Quartz (Interdiscount,
colorful Scuba style,
not on website)
Analog Miyota 1 Jewel SR626SW
HP New Millenium
free watch with printers
Analog SII = SEIKO Instruments?
SR262SW Case back sits very loose!
Casio TRC-100 Triple Chrono Digital Cal. 999 CR2016
Casio Twincept Worldtimer ABX-53 Analog-Digital Cal 1326 SR927SW
G-Shock DW-002 Digital Cal. 1238 CR2016 out
Seiko Sports Chronograph 150
2 Tone White Face
Gold Panda Eyes
Analog Cal. 7T42 SR927SW Push buttons need to be fixed
Sector Expander 140 Analog Swiss Parts,
China Movement
ETA 377 SR626SW Movement low tier, case construction and quality great!
Omega Seamaster 100 Laps Analog-Digital Cal. ETA 251.251 R394 SR936SW Opening instructions for this very tricky snap-on back. Module resets like a charm after a battery change. Like all ETA movemens by the way (I am not related with ETA but do love their calibers)
Seiko Titanium Perpetual
Calendar SLL017P1
Analog Cal. 8F32
6 times normal
Quartz frequency)
CR2412   Setting instructions are important and need to be followed exactly
Seiko Perpetual Calendar 2100
GMT Case 0030
  Cal. 8F56 based
on 8F32 with GMT
CR2412   Setting instructions are important and need to be followed exactly
Citizen Wingman ca. 1997 Analog-Digital Miyota 0 Jewels C080 SR927SW R395 Analog part did not start after battery replacement. Also putting the watch on the Driving tool did not fix the problem. Rob disassembled the gear train and put it together again and that did the job. Just a bit of oiling obviously helped to fix the problem. But annoying as with most Citizen watches, the strap cracked!
Casio DB-56 W (super long
battery life!)
Digital Cal. 965 CR2016 Battery lasted 10 Years!
Givenchy gold-plated
Dress Watch on black strap
Analog ETA 956.112, 7 Jewels R364 SR621W Must use HOROTEC Case Crab. Use the white holder on one side, and one claw at 3 o'clock. Case back sits far too tight, lousy tolerances of J.B. Technologies, the distributors of the Givenchy watches. Probably fashion guys too.
Swatch Chrono Dark Green
with Gold on Dial
Analog R394 SR936SW
Swatch Chrono
light green Neon case
Analog R394 SR936SW
Swatch Chrono Pastel Colors
pink band
Analog R394 SR936SW
Swatch Chrono Navy Berry
(red and white striped band)
Analog R394 SR936SW
Swatch Chrono with Pastel Colors
on dial and orange leather strap
Analog R394 SR936SW
Swatch Scuba
green face and orange band
Analog R397 SR726SW
4 Swatches Set
700 Year CH Celebration
Analog R390 SR1130SW One Swatch for each official language of Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Raetoromanian designed by an artist from each region
LEVIS Promo watch (not on site) Digital R390 SR1130SW
SEIKO Perpetual Calendar
"Discovery Series"
Analog 6M13A SR927SW R395 Important Note: the groove is in the case back and at 9 o'clock if the case is snapped on with the ship logo horizontally aligned. It is then fairly easy to lift the case back with about any snap-on case opener or case opener knife. After the case back is lifted, it can be fully opened by carefully driving a fingernail around the case back.
Timex Ironman Digital TIMEX Caliber M746/3-1
Timex Assembled
in Philippines
Rip Curl Digital ATS
Oceantide #17106
(Made in Hong Kong)
Digital China/Hong Kong caliber CR2016  
Casio G-Shock Fisherman
(Sunrise, Sunset)
DW-8600 Titanium Back
Digital Caliber 1518 CR2016  
Alfex Quartz Dress Watch Analog ETA 955.412, 7 Jewels R395 SR927SW
Bulova Marine Star Analog Miyota AS10 Varta 399 Renata 399 or
Use the suction pad opener Bergeon 2533. Otherwise the bracelet needs to be removed
Please note that this is the high drain version of the very popular low drain battery Varta 395, Renata 395 or SR927SW
Casio IA-1100 Personal Planner
(given away, would not work after
new battery inserted)
Analog-Digital Casio Cal. 728 SR1120W R391 Use the Bergeon opener at the 7 o'clock lug, case opens with a snap. Case can be closed with hands. Once more the miracle of electronic circuit boards shows. The analog part did not work at first after the battery change. I put the watch a short time on the Quartz Driving machine, to no avail. But suddenly after ca. 20 minutes of the new battery being inserted, the analog part started to work, miraculously!
Casio GIEZ Titanium GS-300 Analog-Digital Casio Cal. 2301 SR920W+SR621W R370+R364 AC (arrow points to circuit board) must be connected to battery + otherwise digital watch does not start. R364 is for analog part. Removed the sticker that says Short AC from the movement. The sticker looked like it was too old.
TITAN EDGE Analog T9081-6J (TIL India) SR712SW TITAN makes a very clever groove into the case back at the lug at 5 o'clock. Use the black Bergeon opener with ease!
TIMEX Chronograph Blue Face Analog Miyota OS 10 SR927SW No problem at all, case back opened (factory tightened) with Bergeon suction opener
TIMEX iControl Alarm
Analog TIMEX Philippine
Caliber, no movement
number visible due to
insulation sheet on
Energizer CR2016 Very easy to open snap-on case thanks to groove at lug 11 o'clock. I used this Bergeon opener, my favorite for snap-on watch backs as found on most Quartz watches
Emirates Logo Watch
(given away)
Analog Miyota 1M12 Maxell SR621W R364  
SEIKO Sportura Ana-Digi World
Timer Inverse LCD
Analog-Digital SEIKO H023A SEIKO SR1130W R390
Casio PGW-92 Basketball Watch Digital Casio Cal. 978 CR2016   Band had been entirely deteriorated after 15 years when I rediscovered the watch in a box
Casio G-Shock MRG-130T
with orange minute hand
Analog-Digital Casio Cal. 2901 SR916W + SR621W R373 + R 364  
Casio Mr G MRG-1
Titanium Rubber
Digital Casio Cal. 1556 CR2016   Bergeon Case Opener 5700Z used. Best practice is to remove the protective rubber cover from the watch head BEFORE OPENING THE WATCH.
Seiko World Time Chronograph
"Discovery Series"
Analog Seiko 6M15 SR927SW R395 Important Note: the groove is in the case back and at 9 o'clock if the case is snapped on with the ship logo horizontally aligned. It is then fairly easy to lift the case back with about any snap-on case opener or case opener knife. After the case back is lifted, it can be fully opened by carefully driving a fingernail around the case back.
Junghans MEGA
gold-plated on brown strap
Analog W 608 Toshiba CR2016   Most annoyingly I managed to leave some light scratches on the case back. My favorite Bergeon 4755 had no change to enter the too small groove. The A&F case opener also slipped. Then I remembered that I had one of these most practical MKS Openers and this one did the job with ease!
SEIKO Criteria Slide Rule
Analog Seiko 7T62
(Alarm Chronograph)
SEIKO SR927W Renata R395 Case does not fit into Bergeon 5700Z fast sledge. Turning it 90 degrees and being careful not to scratch the bracelet was the best option. BATTERY LIFE OF 5 YEARS IS PRETTY AMAZING
BRAVUS Baretta Analog ETA 251.272, 22 Jewels R394 SR936SW Very easy to open. 4 screws, screwed caseback. Opening bracelet required
ROTARY Quartz Pocketwatch Analog ESA 960.111 R390 SR1130SW  
Casio Front Jog Key Digital with analog
Jog stick
Caliber 2149 CR2016   One has to open the bracelet to get conveniently close to the spring bars in the case attachment. Battery was running for an amazing 8 years and 4 months
Traser Yellow Dial Model 3105S Analog Ronda Swiss EOL
(end of life indication)
R395 SR927SW  
Casio Multilingual Data Bank DB-37H Digital Casio Cal. 2524 CR2025    
Adidas Alarm Chrono Analog-Digital AD 016A VARTA V392 and
Sony SR621SW
  All blue plastic on the bezel, crown and the band had to be removed. The plastic turned brittle.
AOPOL Quartz Analog SL68 (Made in China) 377A (Renata 377 equivalent, Made in China) SR626SW Took me severals days to decide how to pry this battery out safely without damaging the movement. This watch cost less than USD 3.00, but its movement still deserves a good treatment. Read the details and see the picture of the battery removal here. I did not replace the battery. This watch is a good representative of the great deals that can be had at local Chinese owned watch shops in Bangkok
TIMEX EXPEDITION Series: Perpetual Calendar T45531 Analog Most likely Pforzheim modified Miyota movement CR2016   The battery is retained by a metal shield with four prongs that need to make contact with contacts on the movement's circuit board. It took me several times to replace that metal shield correctly. All four contact positions need to be make proper contact plus there is a little spring that needs to make contact with the inside of the case back. If the four contacts are not replaced correctly, the time setting does not work after the battery replacement. Note: there is no picture of the movement and battery replacement
Reya's Quartz Watches
Watch Type Movement Battery Alternative Opening and setting hints
Pingu Watch Aluminium
with moving eyes
Analog ETA, 118 parts R377 SR626SW  
Buttercup push-button watch, red Digital ??? ??? ???
Disney SEA Tokyo Analog ??? ??? ???
Hello Kitty Flip-Open, pink Digital ??? ??? ???
MashiMaro pink Digital ??? ??? ???
Taz Looney Tunes Analog ETA, Swiss part,
Chinese Movement
R377 SR626SW  
Lily-G Protector white, pink Analog Time Module Inc.
R377 SR626SW
Winnie the Pooh Analog Time Module Inc.
R377 SR626SW
Small Hello Kitty Flip Open
black strap
Analog Time Module Inc.
smaller movt.
R319 SR527SW
Teletubbies Analog Time Module Inc.  R377 SR626SW
Minnie Disney (really bad quality) Digital WT R392 SR/LR41
Winnie the Pooh Flip-Open Digital AA-52911A R392 x 2 SR/LR41
Flik-Flak pink
(Easter 2002 Zurich)
Analog ETA R377 SR626SW
Power Puff Girls with
3 color blinking LEDs
Digital SB-2C R392 x 2 G3-A CNB
Acapulco, steel,
orange face and strap
Analog ISA K63 Japan R364 SR621W
Kritaya's Quartz Watches
Watch Type Movement Battery Alternative Opening and setting hints
IWC DaVinci MechaQuartz
Ladies Chronograph
MechaQuartz IWC Caliber 631
(JLC Caliber 631)
R397 SR726SW Open with A&F case opener knife. Horotec Case Crab does not work because of chrono pushers
Bertolucci Pulchra
(greek for beauty)
Analog ETA 956.112 7 Jewels R364 SR621W Remove spring bar at clasp first. Then the watch back opens relatively easy with A&F opener knife at 9 o'clock. There is also a tiny groove at 3 o'clock. Most likely a smart way to allow the case back to tilt open without touching the case at one point only.
Michel Jordi Longhorn 10 Micron
gold-plated on brown leather strap
(Wild West styled watch,
not on site)
Analog ETA 956.112 7 Jewels R364 SR621W Too difficult to open for me. Watch parts shop staff open with a Chinese knife with no visible effort. Unbelievable! Read more>
Second opening: Used Horotec Case Crab to open. Still the case back is definitely too tight sitting. Attached case back with 3M tape to avoid another opening "drama"
Swatch Skin Orange Analog ETA Quartz R317 SR516SW
Swatch Skin Transparent Analog ETA Quartz R317 SR516SW
Casio Wristcommander II Digital Casio Quartz CR2032
Pop Swatch Light Blue Analog ETA Quartz R329 SR730SW
Swatch Chrono Mid-Size Analog ETA Quartz R394 SR936SW
LEGO Watch Analog TMI Module SR626SW
Swatch Irony Mid-Size Chronograph Analog R394 SR936SW
Swatch 700 Year CH Celebration,
Felice Varin, black with red stripe
Analog R390 SR1130SW
Swatch Chrono with star like
gold pattern on dial and cream
leather strap
Analog R394 SR936SW
Swatch MusiCall Analog R390 SR1130SW
Swatch Valentine Analog R390 SR1130SW
ZURICH Insurance Promo watch
blue green (sticky band!)
Analog R377 SR626SW
Swatch gold-plated Mid-Size Irony Analog R329 SR730SW
Swatch Chrono with red blue
Keith Haring pattern on band
Analog R394 SR936SW
Swatch with yellow green
Neon snap band
Analog R390 SR1130SW
Swatch Irony Aluminum Case
silver dial black band
Analog R394 SR936SW
Swatch with funny Numerals
(Octopus for 8 etc.)
silver face and band
Analog R390 SR1130SW
Swatch Skin with
Metal Racing style bracelet
Analog R317 SR516SW
Swatch World Time with Backlight Analog R389
Swatch STREPP Astronaut set
with 3 dresses
Analog R390 SR1130SW
2 Swatch Love & Nature
(designed by Thai Princess)
Analog R390 SR1130SW
Swatch Club ACCESS Watch
"Lucky 7"
Analog R390 SR1130SW
TAG Heuer Quartz Diver 300 m Analog ETA 955.114, 7 Jewels R377 SR626SW Use JAXA opener, the Bergeon 5700 bits are too big for the notches on the case back
Tritium reacted with inner crystal and dial paint and created a really foggy layer on the inside of the crsytal!
Baby G with Dark Green
Blue Velcro strap and
dark purple display
Analog   LR1120 and SR621W
Swissair Promo Watch by
Prestige Time Co. Hong Kong
Analog China Made movement,
Swiss Battery!
Michel Jordi Ethno Watch
with Swiss flag on back and crown,
black leather strap
Analog ETA 956.112, 7 Jewels R364 SR621W USE HOROTEC Case Crab, Michel Jordi watches pretty tough to open but on the other hand provide good water resistance.
TabooTaboo made in France,
Basic, with 5 1/4 inch Floppy on dial
Analog Ronda Quartz R364 SR621W
BoogieBoogie Diver and
fish on dial, flex band
Analog TMI Module R377 SR626SW  
Thai Airways watch, Ladies'
Size with Thai Numerals, white
Analog ETA 400.111 R377 SR626SW
Ellesse Diver's 200 m Stainless Steel Analog ETA 956.112, 7 Jewels R364 SR621W
London Tourist watch Analog TMI SR626SW
Lapponia Silver watch Helsinki Analog R364 SR621W
Orion Triple Date Moonphase Quartz Analog Ronda R377 SR626SW
Bucherer Quartz 30 min Chronograph Analog ETA 256.241 (very nice!)
10 Jewels
R364 SR621W Very nice movement, also surprised to find pearlage decoration on inner case back! Compliment to Bucherer's selection
Phatra Insurance Promo watch Analog TMI Singapore R377 SR626SW
Mondaine Railway Pocket Watch Analog Ronda Quartz R364 SR621W
Patek Philippe 24 Analog Patek E15 R321 SR616SW
Eterna Royal Quartz KonTiki Nr. 069 Analog ESA 905.112 R384 Bergeon opener AND PAPER on case back to rest heel of tool!
Michel Jordi Ethno 10 micron
gold-plated with stainless
steel bracelet (not on site)
Analog ETA 956.112, 7 Jewels R364 SR621W  
MontBlanc Quartz
all stainless steel
Analog ETA 976.001 R321 SR616SW Leave the bracelet attached at 12 o'clock (need this part of the bracelet as a "grip") and open the screw at the solid end-link at 6 o'clock. Then used the modified Victorinox knife and rest it on the end-link at 6 and lift the case back open with a quick and firm motion
Christian Dior Analog ETA 280.002 5 Jewels R321 SR616SW Leave the bracelet attached at 12 o'clock (need this part of the bracelet as a "grip"). Unscrew the bracelet at 6 o'clock. Rest the modified screw driver/nail file blade of the modified mini Victorinox on the case, press it into the groove and quickly twist it upward.
Maurice Lacroix Intuition Analog ETA 280.002 5 Jewels R321 SR616SW Screwed case back, a sheer pleasure to open!
Philippe Charriol Analog ETA 256.111 9 Jewels R315 SR716SW Not really difficult to open, but hard to close by hand. Using a case press closes it easily