Thank you Ted aka TMK for sponsoring the Sandoz Ladies' Mid-Size prize!

Dear all

Ted wrote me a mail in mid November 03 and said he wanted to sponsor a "PMWF THANKSGIVING WIS INSURANCE CONTEST". A ladies' watch should be the prize to show our appreciation to our partners that have to live with our WISease.

The Contest

Here is the original post:


Posted By: TMK <>
Date: Saturday, 22 November 2003, at 3:37 a.m.

To win is the subject line simply post the reason that you are thankful to have that special woman in your life!!! It can be your wife, daughter, significant other, mother, sister...that's it, no questions, no answers...just give a little thanks!!!! Contest closes in 24 hours!!! Winner will be drawn in the very near future by Reto's daughter (she loves this and we love it when she does it )!!!

The prize is the 32mm Sandoz Explorer type (linked below), women are wearing bigger watches now and this is perfect for that special woman


Regards, Ted

28 participants told us why they are thankful and as usual, I copied the thread into a spreadsheet and cut out the tickets for the lucky draw.

The Drawing

During lunch we had a lengthy discussion on how to make yet another drawing. Fair of course it should be, not favoring one or the other participant. One of the ideas that almost made it, was to stick the strips to glass marbles and then let them roll towards an object. A bit like the French Boule game. However we could only find 25 glass marbles, so the idea was out.

Nestle included "Kitty" figurines in their ice creams during the last year. Obviously Reya managed to eat enough Nestle ice cream to staff this contest.

The Kitties are hollow and make ideal lucky draw ticket containers. Reya is folding the strips, putting them into the Kitties and then closed the opening with a scotch tape. Well, she needed a bit of help, my wife stepped in and helped preparing too.

Now the Kitties were ready to be submersed into the swimming pool. We told Reya several times to put them in softly, but I guess it was fun to let them have a bit of a free fall.

The drawing's clue was to fish all the Kitties out and the last one in the water would be the winner.

The fishing was a lot of fun and continued after I wiped up all the spilled water, but on the terrace only, where we should have moved the drawing in the first place. Finally the big moment, the last Kitty is in the bucket...

And since the announcing of the winner is always such an important and solemn moment, a corresponding photo impression is needed:

And in case you could not read it from the picture above, here again the winning reply of Chris Moy! Obviously eight people were curious to see with what Chris' fiancée had to put up with during the last 14 years

I'm thankful that my fiancée has put up with me for the past 14 yrs (nt) (views: 8)
Chris Moy -- Saturday, 22 November 2003, at 3:49 a.m.

Congratulations to Chris Moy!

May this mid-size Sandoz help to fight the syndromes of the self-proclaimed one month abstinence (from buying a new watch). But remember Chris, it is for your fiancée and not for yourself!

Thank you Ted aka TMK for sponsoring the event and thank you all PMWFers for participating!

Best regards

Reto, Bangkok, November 23rd, 2003