Contest celebrating the new server
Sponsored by Jose from and Adam in NYC, PMWF Admin

The reason for this contest was the celebration of the new server for PMWF at Netaccess in Canada. Tim, our WIS buddy and server admin at Netaccess was elected WIS of the Month for all his efforts during the move to the new server.


The 1st Prize: a SEIKO "Swiss" Lumibrite Cal. 4225, nickel free and antimagnetic
The 2nd Prize: a CITIZEN NOS Vintage Day-Date Quartz with Date in English and Japanese
Thank you Jose from for sponsoring this event!

The 3rd Prize: A Vostok Amphibia Handwind with Screw-down crown (blue dial watch)
Thank you Adam in NYC for adding this 3rd prize!

The straps are sponsored by diveluvR (Terence) from Singapore who sells these and other straps at great prices. I will ask an horologic question on PMWF on April Fool's Day, April 1st 2003 that is. The winners will be picked by Reya, my daughter who has already some expertise in lucky drawings

The Questions or better, the Participation

Participation was really easy this time. Every entrant had to post his name and answer the question "What does watch collecting mean for you?"

Since we had just introduced the registration on the new forum to block posting under assumed screen names, maybe to enter the contest was still a bit of a challenge 72 participants made it and over 440 viewers checked out the prizes at the closing day of the contest! Probably an all time high-mark for PMWF views for posts that had not been crosslinked!

The Drawing

I have so much work to finish right now, I simply wanted to shortcut the drawing by using a spring loaded toy gun and punch three holes into the concatenated participants list, well, after trying a couple of times, it was clear, that this was not going to work well.

This method did not work out very well. Participants in the middle were favored by the method's imbalanced likelihood 

Finally my wife offered to do the cutting, my daughter would then do the drawing as usual. "Never change a winning team..." as some General once said...

The bunch of 72 participants' tickets, the black board prepared for the winners list!

This time, instead of putting all slips into a bowl, my daughter and my wife came up with a more dynamic idea for the selection of the prizes. The tickets would be thrown into the air, and then Reya would catch 1 stripe. Here is the dynamic shot of the throwing round 1:

Reya trying to catch a slip from the flying bunch

And the winner of the first prize is ...

And here is the winner of the SEIKO "Swiss" Lumibrite: congratulations Barry 2!

After that first round, the tickets are collected again and are ready to be thrown again to pick the winner of the 2nd prize:

And the result of round 2 is ...

Congratulations Wen to your new CITIZEN Vintage Quartz Day-Date!

Now it was time to determine the winner of Adam's Vostok Amphibia:

Congratulations John aka Coachjdc, maybe the Vostok is going to replace the SAR Marathon as the lucky watch for your home games?

And no job is finished until the paperwork is done! Reya is now writing the numbers onto the slips because they are about to handed to me now, so I can write the winners list down!

The winners of the "New PMWF Server Contest" are:

Congratulations to all Winners, thank you all that viewed and participated! And a big thank you to Jose from and Adam in NYC who generously supported this event! And of course also a thank you to my wife and daughter who organized a fair drawing and its documentation.

Shipment of Prizes

Barry2 and Wen please contact Reto at with exact shipping address and phone number please!
Coachjdc please contact Adam directly, thank you.

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