diveluvR's Strap Contest on PMWF, April Fool's Day 2003

These are the 3 straps to be won, sponsored by diveluvR (Terence):

Sample 22 mm Rubber Strap with Texture and Deployant Clasp, great for Dive Watches!

The straps are sponsored by diveluvR (Terence) from Singapore who sells these and other straps at great prices. I will ask an horologic question on PMWF on April Fool's Day, April 1st 2003 that is. The winners will be picked by Reya, my daughter who has already some expertise in lucky drawings

The Questions

were about Quartz watches

1) What is the frequency of the most common quartz watch crystal in Hz? - Correct answer 32768 Hz
2) What is the frequence of the Seiko Perpetual Calendar quartz watch crystals? - Correct answer 6 * 32768 or 196608 Hz
3) Quartz watches' accuracy is most sensitive to

Of course an almost exhausted battery can also cause a quartz to swing slower, but that was not offered in the multiple choices question ;-)

All except one entries had the correct answers. Very few participants, ca. 170 views: I was very surprised that not more PMWFers entered the contest.

The Drawing

My wife had this new great idea for the drawing, which will save me a lot of typing... Starting with the 3rd Winner, drum roll ....

Winner 3 is Manna, Congratulations!

Winner 2 is Colling Tang aka  w a y p o i n t, Congratulations!

Winner 1 is ???

Congratulations Matt. V, Collin and Manna!

All Winners, please contact Terence at diveluvr2002@yahoo.com.sg. He will organize the prize distribution and organize shippings to the Winners. Remember, Matt may choose first from the 3 black rubber straps offered (22 mm, 20 mm, 18 mm). Collin may then chose from the 2 remaining sizes and Manna wins the 3rd strap.

Congratulations to all Winners, thank you all that viewed and participated! And a big thank you to Terence who sponsored the prizes!

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