PMWF Contest Ted/Matt, March 1st through 4th, 2003

The Competition

Hello All and Welcome to the PMWF Contest.

Below you will find five (5) questions that must be answered correctly in order to be eligible for the prize, a brand new Sandoz Diver Watch of your choice (value to $120.00 USD). The winner will be chosen, at random, from among the entries submitting the correct answers to ALL FIVE questions. Your answers must be posted directly below this thread header between 12:00 noon, Saturday, March 1, 2003 and 11:59:59 a.m., Tuesday, March 4, 2003. Answers posted before or after those hours will not be counted (the time automatically generated with your post will be determinative)!!! This post is approximately one hour in advance of the contest!!! Additionally, any answer posted that is not directly below this thread header will not be counted. You must answer with a separate reply, it will not suffice to “piggyback” unto another’s reply and you must answer all the questions; it will not suffice to say (for example) “I agree with TMK’s answers” (of course, I won’t be playing). Please consider your answers carefully, there is an exact correct answer to every question, some easy, some harder but exact nonetheless (I promise you, I have searched the PMWF site and the exact answer to every question is there). For example, if asked, “what is TMK’s favorite drink?” the answer must be “single malt scotch and iced tea (non-alcohol)”; one or the other will not be correct!!!

To avoid an administrative nightmare, you may only post once…the answers you post are your final answers, you may not change or amend them (take your time, you have THREE days). Please, please, please do not reply to each other’s messages!!!

Once the contest closes, please be patient. Your answers will have to be reviewed, the replies with the correct answers noted and then a random selection held. This may take a little while. The winner will be posted as soon as is humanly possible.

So, here we go:

Good Luck, Happy Hunting and may the best WIS win!!!!!

Reto, Matt and Ted

The Answers

1. The letters “WIS” stand for Watch Idiot Savant.

2. What is you favorite PMWF Icon? (Your answer MUST include the icon itself; for example Evan please read! ) The potential winners all had a working icon in their replies

3. Who compiles the statistics for the PMWF? Bas from The Netherlands

4. In what year did Reto move to Bangkok, Thailand? 1995

5. Who coined (invented) the phrase “Is a Happy Day”? Ching's (Yee Sing) daughter (that was actually the trickiest question, quite a few contestants answered simply "Ching")

The Drawing, March 7th, 2003

1. Ted had sent me the list of the contestants with the right answers in an email

2. Not a hat, but to give everyone a similar chance, I was especially thinking of "JV" (short strip), I had decided to use a Chinese soup bowl as drawing container. Because on a slippery surface, also small tickets would have a good change to be picked. My wife then protested and said that a soup bowl would be too ugly, so she switched it to some crystal bowl, well you know how those things work. In order to get the drawing going, I did not even think about questioning her decision at least glass was as slippery as porcelain and equally well suited for the drawing

3. Reya had been instructed to look away and not just to pick the easiest to grab name ticket. And this is what was on her hand after she made her decision...

4. Congratulations Daniel!

The Winner

1st Prize: Daniel Szeto

Thank you all for your participation, thank you Ted and Matt for sponsoring the contest!

517 people had viewed the most successful PMWF Contest of all times!