"2 Years PMWF" Contest Preview
Thank you Andy from Singapore for your Seiko Cal. 4207 Ladies' donation!

Dear all

I am very happy to announce the "2 Years PMWF" Contest. Time flies, it seems like yesterday when PMWF started on Network 54. Obviously PMWF hit a real niche by discussing mostly inexpensive watches. Within only two years, PMWF has established itself amongst the busiest and fastest moving watch forums and terms like PMW ("Poor Man's" Watch), RMW (Rich Man's Watch) and WIS Insurance (buy your partner a watch so you get away with yet another new watch for yourself) - to just name a few - are now widely used. I even got an email lately telling me, that PMW has been used on a French Dive Watch forum. Enough talking about the past, we move forward, that is probably the key to PMWF's growth and success.

Last Wednesday, I received a very nice email from an old PMWF, Andy from Singapore. He asked me for my shipping address and said, he had enjoyed PMWF a lot and learned a lot, so he wanted to "pay back"! What a great gesture. And already this Saturday morning, his lovely Seiko Cal. 4207 Day-Date Ladies' Diver arrived.

My wife's words were "Beautiful!" when I showed her the watch, and it did not take much work to convince her to take a wrist shot. I have offered her quite a few watches in the past, often she said, no, I have too many watches already. But this one, I am sure, she would have loved to keep it for herself. The wrist above is 14.5 cm or 5 3/4 inches


Case diameter (excl.crown) at narrowest section: 26.5 mm
Case diameter across (excl. crown): 28 mm
Height: 11 mm
Lug to Lug: 31 mm
Lug width: 12
Bracelet straight not tapered: 12 mm

Weight  60 grams

Now my daughter got interested too. And oh wonder, she agreed to take a wrist shot too, a first actually!

Reya's wrist is 12.2 cm or 4 3/4 inch. Btw. she liked the watch too!

No, we did not resize the watch. In case you have wondered why it fits my daughter's wrist prefectly and seems to be loose on my wife's wrist. This is how we took this shot:

Needed a bit of fiddling until the clasp and spare bracelet was nicely hidden behind that small wrist

The winding of the watch is very smooth, yes, the Caliber 4207 is handwinding! It does not hack, but then again, it is for our beloved partners and I doubt that there are a lot of female WIS who would really care about the watch being hacking. The back is screwed, despite a non-screw down crown, the WR rating of the watch is 100 m. I trust the crystal is Hardlex, the surface hardened mineral (silicon oxyde) crystal found on all modern Seikos.

The Seikoholics will have no problems dating the time this watch was manufactured: another nice coincidence, December 2002, PMWF was one year old then. If you want to learn how to read the manufacturing date out of Seiko serial numbers, please go here.

Despite its 12 mm width the bracelet features a safety lock!

The watch comes in this nice Seiko box - Andy, we never got those nice boxes in Hong Kong and Bangkok! - and even the Seiko warranty (with dealer stamp and dated October 31st 2003) is in a nice transparent hull. Now that is obviously the more luxurius Singaporian way of doing things

Nice Seiko box with pillow, International Warranty

Thank you again Andy for your generosity! I probably have to buy one of these Ladies' 5s for my wife now I have rarely seen her so pleased about a watch. She is a camera fan and despite my influence not a real WIS.

There will be more Prizes for this Contest!

No PMWF contest will be the same as a previous one. Of course asking a question on a board is not very smart, because the tacticians just wait until the contest is almost closed and then pick the best answer. This time I was thinking, why not making this waiting the general tactics to go.
I decided that I will chip in a Sandoz Diver's spare bracelet with safety lock (the one without the blue wrapping), it is 20 mm wide and 8.5 inch long and the hollow end link could be easily modified to match a variety of watches.

And this time you will have to cast your vote mentioning the prize you would like to win. This way, you will not end-up with a prize you might not like and of course, it is pretty obvious, that you could again play the waiting game and see which prize category has the fewest entrants towards the end of the contest. Of course, make sure you will be casting your vote before the contest ends.

I will be trying to look around for more prizes, so expect an interesting "2 Years PMWF" Contest on December 14th, 2003. And there is more...

Ted/TMK is the generous Sponsor of the upcoming PMWF Thanksgiving "WIS Insurance" Contest!

On November 22nd, you will get a chance to "warm up" for the "2 Years PMWF" Contest. And this will be the prize for the Thanksgiving Contest organized and sponsored by Ted/TMK. So if you miss on the lovely Mid-Size Sandoz with Display Back and gold-colored ETA 2836-3 movement, you will get a second chance to win a Ladies' watch on December 14th.

I think it is no coincidence that we focus a bit on our partners towards the end of the year. Soon I will be asking you on the forum (like every year) to post what has changed in your collection in 2003, and I am sure, after posted your changes, new additions, trades etc. you will be feeling a lot safer, if you had also purchased a couple of so called "WIS insurances". I for my part am always puzzled to see the number of changes when doing the year end balance, only then one realizes, that the WISease is a lot "worse" then one ever imagined

Best regards

Reto, Bangkok, November 8th, 2003