"2 Years PMWF" Contest
Thank you all donors for making this such a great contest!

Dear all

I am very happy to announce the "2 Years PMWF" Contest. Time flies, it seems like yesterday when PMWF started on Network 54. Obviously PMWF hit a real niche by discussing mostly inexpensive watches. Within only two years, PMWF has established itself amongst the busiest and fastest moving watch forums and terms like PMW ("Poor Man's" Watch), RMW (Rich Man's Watch) and WIS Insurance (buy your partner a watch so you get away with yet another new watch for yourself) - to just name a few - are now widely used. I even got an email lately telling me, that PMW has been used on a French Dive Watch forum. Enough talking about the past, we move forward, that is probably the key to PMWF's growth and success.

1. Prize Overview

1) A Ladies' Seiko from Andy Ang
2) A Vostok Alarm from Dan aka Zeb
3) An Invicta eBook from John Holbrook II
4) A Vostok Amphibia Hand Wind from COACH
5) A Sandoz Diver's bracelet from PMWC
6) A NOS vintage Citizen Day-Date Quartz from Wen
7) 20 mm Rubber/Stainless Deployant strap from diveluvR/Terence
8) Original 18 mm Orient Star Oyster Bracelet from Mark S and Tena

2. Prizes in Pictures

Last Wednesday, I received a very nice email from an old PMWFer, Andy from Singapore. He asked me for my shipping address and said, he had enjoyed PMWF a lot and learned a lot, so he wanted to "pay back"! What a great gesture. And already this Saturday morning, his lovely Seiko Cal. 4207 Day-Date Ladies' Diver arrived.

The winding of the watch is very smooth, yes, the Caliber 4207 is handwinding! It does not hack, but then again, it is for our beloved partners and I doubt that there are a lot of female WIS who would really care about the watch being hacking. The back is screwed, despite a non-screw down crown, the WR rating of the watch is 100 m. I trust the crystal is Hardlex, the surface hardened mineral (silicon oxyde) crystal found on all modern Seikos.

1st Prize
Donated by Andy Ang
My wife's words were "Beautiful!" when I showed her the watch, and it did not take much work to convince her to take a wrist shot. I have offered her quite a few watches in the past, often she said, no, I have too many watches already. But this one, I am sure, she would have loved to keep it for herself. The wrist above is 14.5 cm or 5 3/4 inches


Case diameter (excl.crown) at narrowest section: 26.5 mm
Case diameter across (excl. crown): 28 mm
Height: 11 mm
Lug to Lug: 31 mm
Lug width: 12
Bracelet straight not tapered: 12 mm

Weight  60 grams

Dan aka Zeb offered this great Poljot Alarm for the 2nd prize! Thank you Dan!

2nd Prize
Poljot Alarm donated by Zeb aka Dan

John Holbrook II donated an eBook to the PMWF 2 Years Contest, thank you John!

3rd Prize
An eBook donated by John B. Holbrook II

COACH aka John Drews offered a Vostok Amphibia Hand Wind, thank you John!

4th Prize
Blue face Vostok Amphibia Hand Wind from COACH

PMWC offers a Sandoz Diver's spare bracelet

5th Prize
A Sandoz original Diver's Oyster Bracelet

Wen offered a Citizen vintage Quartz Day - Date

6th Prize
a Citizen Vintage Quartz Day-Date

diveluvR aka Terence offered one of these great 20 mm Rubber straps with Stainless Steel Deployant

7th Prize
Rubber strap with stainless steel Deployant

Mark S offered Tena's original Orient Star 18 mm Oyster Bracelet

8th Prize
original Orient Star 18 mm Oyster Bracelet

3. How to enter the Contest

Tell us briefly your watch plans for 2004 in the Subject Line, of course, if you have big plans or if you can not summarize, you can post a longer outlook for your collecting plans 2004 in the Message Body too.

4. Contest closes once the Contest Thread moves off the Main Index Page

As long as your entry appears below the main thread on the main index page it is valid. If your entry appears as the first post on the Main Page, then you know you missed the dead line for the contest. The main page shows posts for 2 days.

5. Shipping information

Drawing will take place around Tuesday December 16 and all winners, please immediately send me the shipping instructions per mail to reto@loxinfo.co.th, thank you. AOL winners must use reto@loxinfo.co.th because AOL does not allow Yahoo messages into their servers.

Good Luck everybody!

6. Contest Entries

On December 17th 2003 - thanks to a post of mdmann I was remembered that this was the Centennial of the powered civil aviation - I cut out all the entries. Now all that we need is yet another fair method to pick a winner. We have tried so far to come up with something entirely new to do the drawing. Fishing little Kitties out of a bucket was the last contest's method. Now I have to wait until my wife comes back from here round of golf, hopefully she is not too tired from the round and has yet another good idea.

7. The Drawing

Reya decided that throwing and catching the slips is most fun. So she did...

And since there were eight prizes to win, she needed to catch quite a bit ...

Reya seems to really enjoy those contests too, another reason to keep them going ...

And then she also numbered the winnig entries ... very practical, I am looking forward to having here organize the whole contest, so I got more time for watches (we also realized that some names did not match their text in the subject line, but it was a lot of cutting this time and we made sure every name is in the bucket)

1 Faide Ladies' Seiko Day-Date donated by Andy Ang
2 Engi Poljot Alarm donated by Zeb aka Dan
3 HDoug INVICTA - Unconquered, an eBook donated by John Holbrook II
4 robi Vostok Amphibia Hand Wind donated by Coachjdc aka John
5 john 20 mmSandoz original Diver's bracelet donated by PMWC
6 Brandon Citizen Vintage Quartz Day-Date donated by Wen
7 dvc73 20 mm Rubber strap donated by diveluvR
8 cbrdave 18 mm original Orient Star Oyster bracelet by Mark and Tena S.

Congratulations to all the winners, many thanks for the great participation! Now all the winners need to do, is to send me their shipping information, thank you!

Best regards

Reto, Bangkok, Saturday April 02, 2011