ORSA MOD-like Quartz 300 m

Swiss Movement (more information to come)
Diameter: 42 mm
Height: 12 mm
Lug to Lug: 47 mm
Lug: 20 mm

Weight (case without strap) 60 grams

Water resistance 300 m, screw-down crown, PVD coated bezel and case

Mini Review - First Impressions
My first impression was that the watch is very well made, the PVD coating of the bezel and the case is without flaws. The bezel is a tad loose but this did not dampen my initial enthusiasm which is continuing. And this is already the only negative thing I could tell about the Orsa. And it is not a big deal really.
Since this is my first MOD-like watch, I do not consider myself an expert in this realm. But I trust I recognize good value for money and the Orsas offer just that. I never had one of those MOD dials and that is why I am so excited about them. The readability is simply fantastic. One never needs a second look to tell the time. Somehow the proportions of the hour and minute hands are so well designed that the shortest glance at the dial will leave no doubt about what time it is. While with some hands, one could be tempted to interpret 09:15 as 14:45 etc. this will never happen with the MOD or MOD-like dial.
And yet another interesting thing: while the dial is certainly very utilitarian, I could not really imagine I would enjoy looking at it so much. There is something beautiful about it. Maybe this is yet another watch bug that has bitten firmly? I do not really know, but I know this is not the last military I am going to add to my collection.

Accruracy Report, Update May 2004
Well, I must have been lucky to get a perfectly adjusted ETA movement for where I live. The Orsa MOD-like has replaced the two SEIKO Quartz Perpetual Calendars that served as my time source lack to a time signal being available in South East Asia. The watch runs right now ca. +1 second a month, that is unbelievable accurate.
Also I had been wearing the watch in Switzerland during the last Easter vacation 2004 and there are no signs of wear. Even the nylon band is only glued, it seems to be very good quality. I sweat, so I wash the band often, and it does not show any signs of bleaching