Orient, Japan

Note regarding Orient Calibers from Dan aka Zeb
Dan aka Zeb (a fellow PMWFer) is investigating Orient's Caliber Numbering and has found some interesting facts so far.
The different movements, indicated by two letters in the model number, have different degrees of accuracy. This info is from a 2001 catalog.
FC, EG : +10~-5 sec / day
FA, EX, FE, ER, EM : +25~-15 sec / day
PF, NR : +40~-30 sec / day

Adriano from SCWF made a great post with Orient movement information. Some excerpts of Adriano's findings are: most of the Orient watches obviously use the Caliber 46943 or a variation of it which is based on the SEIKO Caliber 70xx (7005, 7009 etc). The movement was designed in the 70ies. Today the quality of the movements is still the same, but the movements are not as nicely finished as they were in the 70ies. Orient Stars and Royal Orients use different movements.

There are currently no Orient watches in my collection because I had just given the last one to a good friend. Orient presents always very good value for money and I am currently very tempted by the new - albeit a tad "wild" - collection (Summer 2007). My wish is to add an Orient Star Royal to my collection later on.

*PMWF slang

ORIENT Watches that left my collection and went to friends

Orient "Orange Mini-Beast*" Multi Calendar Power Reserve
Caliber EX01-000
Front Top Back Wrist Open Movt without Rotor Auto Mechanism Magic Lever
Orient "Orange Mini-Beast*" Multi Calendar Power Reserve
Caliber EX01-000 on
original SEIKO Kinetic Bracelet with Monster Clasp
Front Top Side Side Monster Clasp


Orient Star Power Reserve WZ0251EX, Caliber EX0C
Shipped to a watch friend due to lack of supply
Front Front 995 Back Buckle
Orient Vintage "Diver" with "mysterious Bezel Markings"
Did not get wrist time, was very in high in demand, so it went
Explanation of "mysterious"
Bezel Colors
Back Wrist