Omega Seamaster 100 Laps Memory

Is it not a Beauty?
I was very happy to be one of the first owner of this watch in 1988. I had bought it right after it hit the stores. I still remember having sat in the train from my hometown to Zurich listening to the conversation of two sales assistants that drove to their final exams. They were talking about this watch. "I just hope they are not going to ask us about this Omega Seamaster 1/100th Seconds Chronograph". They seem to have been really scared
Well, Swiss electronics tends at times to be a bit non-intuitive (Rob B will happily nod now reading this) to say the least. Sometimes it seems that Swiss electronic watches, phones and other electronics have somewhat cumbersome interfaces. Dictated rather by the technical origin then by the enduser's desired ease of use. But I can tell you, I love complicated interfaces, it is a lot of fun trying to figure out how it works if you are stuck in a traffic and we certainly got plenty of them here in Bangkok. An ideal time killer.
To Omega's honor I have to mention that adjusting the hands to the 0-position after the battery replacement was really easy. Pull the crown to the second position out, the date and time can be set. Pull the crown out to position 1 and then just press the buttons and watch which hands are starting to move and calibrate them to the 0-position. Really straight forward and easy, compliments to Omega here.
Now trying to remember all those recall functions for best lap, average lap etc. will take a bit longer I guess, but I am happy I got this Beauty in operation again and I am looking forward to exploring it once more.