PMWC = "Poor Man's" Watch Corner 
The new name for "Reto's Watch Corner" since April 2003

Dear all

Reto's Watch Corner was more a coincident then a plan. I simply bought too many watches during my trips to Hong Kong and other cities and therefore I needed to sell some of them. Buying watches has always and will always be a passion of mine. But I ended up with simply too many watches and thus decided to start selling some of them. The business was growing fast, the demand for watches not available outside Asia has been soaring, thus we decided to develop Reto's Watch Corner into a full-blown online watch sales site. Today there are over 40 Brands and more then 400 watches in stock.
With the new business dimensions, the name "Reto's Watch Corner" was out of date. I decided to change the name to
"Poor Man's" Watch Corner or short PMWC in April 2003.

If you are interested to learn more about the PMWC team members, click here please.

My private collection will still be called Reto's Watch Collection. This is a non-commercial, entertaining and hopefully educational site. It started out as the documentation of my private collection. Later watch picture series and documentation of watch works were added. You will also find watch hunting reports from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bombay and Tokyo. In addition, there is a large section dedicated to watch tools. Last but not least, there is a section of "HOW TO" articles that should guide you through basic watch works, e.g. like "HOW TO resize a Monster Bracelet".

Best regards

Reto Castellazzi, Bangkok, September 2009

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