Michel Jordi, Geneva, Switzerland
From the inventor of the "Le Clip" watch

Top of the World GMTSwissair Limited Edition
based on Caliber ETA 2892
Front Dial Cow Detail Cow Close-Up Edelweiss Crown Back Close-up Wrist

CLIP Watch Inventor Michel Jordi
I do not know, if the "Le Clip" watch was well known outside Switzerland. In Switzerland, everyone (especially the ladies) had to have one. The watches were mounted on a large clip that could be attached almost everywhere. What people found out after two years was, that one could not easily change the battery since the case back had no opening. But as it is with fashion items, not too many bothered of having the crystal (plexi glass) removed by a watch maker to change the battery.
I remember stories about Michel Jordi being aggravated of having not had enough financial participation of the huge success those clip watches had. He left the "Le Clip" company and started his own business. The slogan and design paradigm "Spirit of Switzerland" served very well to sell his watches as tourist souveniers. In those early times Tourists were sometimes puzzled why that Michel Jordi watch was CHF 298 whereas the Edelweiss Watch just next to it cost only CHF 25. However today Michel Jordi is a well established brand that also diversifies in fashion accessories, clothing, luggage, jewelry and pens.