Marsha's post regarding this website

I would just like to add here, that it is not my intention to bolster my confidence nor my website by publishing this post. I included marsha's post here, because I was really honored and touched by her nice feedback. And because her post triggered the creation of an apt response thanking all the people, that had helped me to improve my photographic skills.

Reto Castellazzi made a post with his collection of watches>

Posted By: marsha <> (
Date: 11/4/01 12:09

I had seen it and have been trying to locate it on the board to no avail. I did find it on the search however, just can't find it in the threads below.

I am saying this to apologize for starting a new thread when I know his original thread is here somewhere on this page.:-)

He provided a link to his site and I just wanted to say that his collection is SO nice, and the presentation of the watches and his comments about them were great.

But my heart was really touched he would provide such honor to ALL of his watches, from the plastic LED's to quartz fashion watches to expensive WIS wonders.

It was such an expression of the joy of truly loving watches in all of their various forms. And the collection is so extensive!

I looked at every single one but I saved some of Seikos for later.:-)

He even showed an example of a photo that he was unable to eliminate the reflection of light and how his friend was able to do so for him, and showed the improved version. Such humility!

And particularly touching was a note at the beginning of his site in rememberance of the 9/11 events, a plea that we not forget. Very beautiful.

Needless to say I have bookmarked your site Reto and look forward to seeing your collection develop. It was really inspiring.

The whole thing was just Wonderful!

I just wanted to let you and All know.