MAYCO, Hong Kong, late 80ies
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MAYCO Alarm Chronograph
Hong Kong Made Caliber
Front Wrist Back Back Open Movt 1 Movt 2

MAYCO, Hong Kong
I have only recently added this watch to my collection site. This Alarm Chronograph was a very exciting technological forerunner in the late 80ies. The chronograph with it's LCD sub dials was one of the novelties. In the dual display at 3 o'clock, one could see and set the Alarm time. Also worth mentioning is that the band of this watch is still like new. Most plastic bands tend to deteriorate after two decades. However this watch's materials have been selected very carefully. The case of the watch is metal with a PVD coating.
I had found this beauty in a AUTOPHON shop (they sold the first mobile phones, the ones in briefcase size) for the very low price of CHF 39 (USD 25, historic exchange rate) at the Glattzentrum. The Glattzentrum was the first big shopping center American-style near Zurich.