Lowy 17 Jewels Hand Wind A. Schild Caliber 1187

I think it is the Art-Deco ...
numerals and the printed (faux = false) guillauche dial together with the great indices and hands that made me immediately fall in love with this watch. Big watches might be in and I love to wear those too, but this "temporary fashion, basically a simple expression of a brand crazy world" would never deter me from loving small vintage watches.
I would also never care if the watch looked to small or female or whatever on the wrist. I know what is inside, and this beauty is what counts for me today. If you are new to watch buying or collecting or amassing, you tend to focus on the exterior more then on the inside. I think it might almost be a natural aging process that will let your focus shift to what is "under the hood".
Part of the reason my passion shifted so vehemently from functions of the watch to watch movements, was the fact that I was lucky to receive some very basic watchmaking training and was then able to service simpler watch movements. Once you have seen these mechanical marvels through a loupe or a stereoscope, then other watch bugs - you never knew you had - will additionally activate and intensify the fire of passion.