Lowy 17 Jewels Hand Wind A. Schild Caliber AS 1187

I like these typical late 40ies and 50ies backs with that ring ...
that lists the main features of the watch. Some modern watch backs use microscopic small fonts, or the worst, many different fonts and sizes are used. Typography has experienced some real endurance tests with an ever growing number of untrained publishers (I am untrained too, however I try very hard not to "over do" my pages with too many decorative elements). It seems that the same negligence one finds on the internet, has also sometimes found its way on the case back of watches of very young brands.
In these good old days where there were plenty of typographers and print designers at work, case backs consequently looked much better.
Excuse the relatively sloppy back picture, but I had to rush the shots with the last day light and I do not normally have the patience to interrupt a photo session and continue it the next day. I love watches, I just photography to document my watch passion ;)