Junghans Mega Radio Controlled Watch

The Golden Spot
Not sure about the function anymore, might be to ground or test the watch circuit. But the golden spot marks the side, where the antenna is leaving the watch case. The antenna is hidden in the leather strap, making it pretty stiff. Not really a problem for me, my tolerance regarding bracelets and straps is really big compared to some other people. That is at least the impression I have from seeing so many posts regarding wearing comfort on Time Zone, this might well be an "American" thing.
But there is a drawback with this design: the manual warns explicitly not to expose this part of the watch to humidity, despite the lettering WATERRESISTANT on the case back. You can never cut a hole in an otherwise closed container without compromising water resistance. Just today (November 11th, 2001 - begin of the Carnival Season;-) I visited the Junghans Website and saw, that the latest watch in Titanium features an internal antenna. So that problem was solved as well.