Jean Marcel Mystery II, modified ETA 2824 (Euro Patent) ca. 2002

Just for the fun of it: a 10 Past 10 shot
Watch companies and collectors often photograph watches showing 10:10:31 or 10 past 10 on the dial. The reason behind this is simply, the watch face with the upward pointing hands seem to smile or looks like wings that point upwards (=positive).
I just wanted to show you on this picture that 10 Past 10 on the Mystery II looks a bit different. And no, I did not take the crystal out for this shot. I simply selected the dial area and then used PhotoShop's Auto Color function and suddenly the dial appears really black. A simple trick, also often used for catalog shots. Watch pictures that you see in advertisings are often heavily modified.
And I have mentioned this many times: depending on the angle of the incoming light, you can see scratches, hairlines or dings, or not. So be careful by judging the condition of a watch from pictures...