Jean Marcel, Switzerland
Hermes Group, France

Jean Marcel Mystery II ca. 2001
ETA Base Caliber 2824-2 modified by AHCI Member Vincent Calabrese
(new pictures added May 2007)

Bucherer Archimedes 
Jumping Hour & 
Jean Marcel Mystery II
Front Closer The Jumping Hour 10 Past 10
looks different
Dial Back Clasp Modified


Jean Marcel Mystery II (continued)
ETA Base Caliber 2824-2 modified

Wrist Wrist 2 Wrist 3

Vincent Calabrese creating a "Poor Man's" Complication
A really great complication by one of the geniuses from the AHCI, the watch Mensa: Vincent Calabrese. Rather then modifying a very exclusive movement, Mr. Calabrese used a 2824-2 with a patented complication to achieve this "Jumping Hour" of sorts. Thus, this watch is available to us "poor men" too. If this got you interested, google "Vincent Calabrese" and check out other works of this genius.
"Mystery" is the name of the watch and the watch crystal will reveal it, if you take a deep breath and exhale onto the glass.