Kryos MechaQuartz Chronograph, Cal. 631

JLC Caliber 631 (IWC Caliber 631)
This was the first time I had seen my MechaQuartz movements. I had never dared to open those watches before. I was afraid I would slip with the screw driver and scratch the watch backs. But with more practice and with a growing fear that one of those dead batteries might eventually start to leak, I was finally motivated enough to give it a go.
I was so surprised, I would have never expected such a nice finish and would also not have expected Geneva stripes on the train plate. These movement pictures do not really justice to the beauty of these movements.

Please click here to see an example of the same Caliber 631 used by IWC

Please click here to seen example of the Caliber 633 used by IWC, basically the same movement but with an alarm function