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Radio Interview with Frederick Dove
January 31st 2006

I had the honor to be contacted by BBC Outlook team member Peter Shevlin to talk about my passion for watches. The topic of the Outlook discussion was "Are Wristwatches doomed? Are mobile phones the culprits?" As news sites move fast, I am not sure whether the Outlook segment is still aired on BBC World Service. But you will always be able to reach BBC at their home page.
First there was a Wall Street Journal article talking about less younger people wearing wrist watches because of electronic portable gadgets (phones, mp3 players etc.). Then Chicago Tribune published an article about the topic.
Obviously Peter Shevlin from the BBC had found my website and thought my watch craze might be a good contrast to the before mention trend. In the London studio was presenter Frederick Dove and John Goodell, a watch journalist and representative for the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH). And I was sitting in the BBC Bangkok studio. Since this was the first radio interview for me, everything was quite new. But the staff at BBC Bangkok and London were very helpful.
We recorded the interview at 11:30 GMT and then it was broadcast an hour later on BBC World Service, the international radio program of BBC. The funny thing was that I did not really know whether we were already on air during the recording or not. Because I was sitting alone in the recording room and was connected to BBC studio London via audio.
My tension before the recording had been pretty high, but when I heard the calm voice of Frederick Dove, most of the nervousness was gone. I was not really aware that there would be an hour delay between recording and broadcasting. Rookie's stage fever I guess. I was reassured by my wife that my voices sounded calm. She was recording the interview at home. I did not have the questions before hand, but of course I prepared for the topic. I had sent the BBC some information about myself, my forum and my collection.
It probably would have been more fun if all three of us where in the same room. Switching from one talker to the other would have been smoother. And I think BBC got what they wanted. John Goodell and I were not always on the same side. Making this interview more fun. It was a very good experience, thanks to the friendly people at BBC London and Bangkok, thank you for this opportunity!

You can hear 4 minutes 47 seconds from the 20 minute radio interview by clicking the link below:

BBC World Service Radio (Outlook) Interview 31st January 2006
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