Intertronic Alarm Chrono with Japanese analog movement, Dec. 2013

Last shopping day of Xmas 2013
I had to call the really tall staff at the INTERDISCOUNT shop to get this down from the really high placement on the watch rack. Both the sales man and me tried to figure out whether or not the red painted parts of the watch were actually made of aluminum. I will add this information once I manage to get the first scratch on this beautiful beater.
Despite it's large diameter of 47.5 mm without crown and it's height of 15 mm and it's light weight of 56 grams it wears very comfortably on my 16.5 cm (6.5 inch) wrist.

Accuracy update January 2014
After traveling back home from Switzerland to Bangkok, I noticed a difference from ca. 1.5 seconds per day between the analog and the digital time. These circuits are not synced. In Switzerland I was at first assuming that the analog part's battery might be running low assuming that the watch had been in the shop rack for a while. Now after checking again with it turns out that it is the digital part that is running fast and that the analog part keeps very accurate time.