Intermatic by Interdiscount, Jegenstorf, Switzerland
Not really a watch brand, but an electronics shop, the Swiss version of Radio Shack. Since 1996 part of the Coop group


Intertronic Alarm Chrono
Japanese analog Movement, Dec. 2013
Front and Specs
Accuracy Update
January 2014
Crown Side Features Back Backlight Wrist Intertronic and
Citizen NH6890Diver


Intermatic, 17 Jewels, GMT Bezel,
Cal. ETA 2781, 17 Jewels, ca. 1985
Front Back Wrist

Other Interdiscount Brands

Quasar Analog-Digital Quartz
Miyota/Citizen Cal. TL11, 1989
Front Back Movement


Why bother to present Interdiscount watches?
I like this automatic Intermatic watch in the resin case with display back and GMT Bezel - it is pleasant to wear and incredibly light. Plus - believe it or not - it comes with an ETA movement! I just checked my old notes, the watch was sold at CHF 79 ca. 1990 making it less then USD 50.
In November 2001, this ETA Cal. 2781 was listed on the ETA Mechanical Movements page of Borel & Frei for USD 42.95 (not listed anymore). You would have to wear it once, to share my enthusiasm. This watch is so unbelievably light and this is one of the most comfortable resin straps I have come along. And unlike many Casio (rubber) straps, it is still perfect after almost 2 decades. Just proves that a great watch does not have to cost a fortune.
The Quasar was a trade name from Interdiscount for all Eastern watches they imported. The Swiss "Radio Shack" was one of the first companies to buy all sort of stuff in Hong Kong and further East. I think this Quasar caliber - which is in fact a Miyota 1L.11 -  was also used by Casio and a lot of other brands. I am quite sure this is the single most produced analog-digital watch movement ever. The only disadvantage, the center of the analog hands is pretty high. Thus the OEMs do not have a chance to use skeleton hands that would sweep over the digital display. Skeleton hands that overlap the digital display are today almost a standard.
This very popular movement was a break-through when it first appeared in the late 80ies. Time, Calendar, Dual Time, Alarm and Chronograph were for the first time available in USD 5 watches. The movement cost must have dropped to a fraction of a USD after the first million had been produced.
The Intertronic is a big yet light (56 grams only) Casio-style alarm chronograph. I found it on our last shopping day during our Xmas 2013 vacation in Switzerland. Despite it's big size of 47.5 mm without crown it sits nicely on my skinny wrist of 16.5 cm (6.5 inch). The analog and digital movements are not coupled. At first you might be disappointed, but the sandwiched construction of a Chinese digital movement and display and a Japan Made analog movement equates to wearing two watches. Movement pictures will follow soon as the battery of the Japanese analog movement is already showing signs of exhaustion.