Ultra Sportivo Porsche Design, IWC Cal. 631

This was my first hybrid and I was really fascinated by this watch. At the time I had bought it, in the late 90ies, watches had this size! Today, 2003, it looks like a ladies' watch! I did not only love the design by F.Porsche, I really think the "Ultra Sportivo" was one of his best designs for IWC, but I was fascinated that this watch consisted of 222 parts, was able to keep the chronograph running while setting the time, that it had a sweep chronograph second hand that would advance in 1/4 second steps. All in all, a very nice package and the looks made this an ideal allrounder. The Desmopan anti-allergenic strap helped of course to take this watch to the swimming pool without hesitations. Battery type is Renata 397 for this movement.

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