Ingenieur Alarm Chronograph MechaQuartz IWC Cal. 633 (JLC Cal. 633)

Notes about the Movement and the Opening of the Back
Maybe not one of my best pictures, but I had opened many watches that afternoon and did not wanted to interrupt my watch works unduly. I was really surprised to see a beautiful train bridge with Geneva stripes. IWC and JLC - the Base Caliber 630 is a common development between Jaeger-LeCoulter and IWC developed in their Le Sentier, Jura, Switzerland shared laboratories - really make this hybrid looking luxurious inside. This is the version with an Alarm.

One things I would have improved: an optical indication whether the alarm is "on" or "off" would have been great. Citizen uses the central second hand to move near the 8 o'clock position where they mark "on" and "off" near the inner bezel. With the Ingenieur you will have to remember whether the alarm is on or off. But maybe IWC engineers thought, an engineer should be able to remember that. But as the alarm is now, the use is actually trivial: set the alarm via the additional crown at 10 o'clock, then push the crown back in. Now press on the crown until you hear two beeps, that means the alarm is "on". Press the crown again, hear one beep indicating the alarm is "off" now.
Alarm times can be set in 6 minutes increments, that stems from the teething of the gear used for the alarm hand. Alarm times can be HH:00, HH:06, HH:12 and so on. So if you want the alarm to go off at HH:15 you have to decide whether to set it at HH:12 or HH:18. But of course, since the hand is analog, you simply move it close to the time you want it to ring.

Pusher action is great, defined, yet soft. Of course those huge oversized chrono pushers help make you really feel great when starting the chronograph. The knurled crowns are very easy to grip and just perfect for their functions. In addition I think they look great.
Opening this watch is not that easy. The big Bergeon tool 5700 did not do the job. There was no way any of the holders would have fit and i was afraid that I could have damaged the Alarm crown or the buttons. So I decided to use a vice, a watch case holder and the JAXA opener (see left on the picture).

Battery type is Renata 397 for this movement.

Please go here to see the original Caliber 631 without Alarm.