Ingenieur Alarm Chronograph MechaQuartz IWC Cal. 633 (JLC Cal. 633)

How to safely open this Back?
Well, I am not sure, I expected it to be a piece of cake with my Bergeon 5700 opener. But there was a problem, the Alarm crown on one side and the big pushers on the other side. I did not feel like removing that integrated bracelet, since a slight push with a link bar tool revealed, that pin that connects the bracelet to the case and was really sunk firmly. But I guess to really safely open this watch, the bracelet should be removed. Maybe the link pin at the end link could be pushed out, but I tried another option first.
I put the watch onto my watch case holder (left bottom on linked page), fixed that one into a vice and then I used the JAXA universal watch case opener with three square bits. The watch opened easily, luckily IWC does not seem to tell their robots to cram watch backs on with brute force. It is quite interesting, the more expensive the watches, the easier they are to work with. Nice tolerances and reasonable torques are probably an often overlooked aspect of a more expensive watch.