Heuer SEL Gold-Plated

ETA Caliber 955 412, 7 Jewels
A quick and documentary shot of the movement while replacing the SR927SW (Renata 395) battery. Yesterday afternoon I was opening a couple of watches and while doing watch work, I rather concentrate on getting things done efficiently and properly and during those working times I am really too impatient to fiddle a lot with light and setup.
Interesting maybe to see, that the inside of the links is not gold plated. Cheap? I do not think so, actually quite clever, this way you do not have to worry that the wrist hairs (some of them have razor blade sharp edges) start working on the 10 microns. Just in case you need to test if your watch is genuine, the yellow frame contains in capitals: PLAQUE G 10 and in a frame SAD next to it. The stamp that should be found on any watch that has been plated with real gold.