Heuer SEL Gold-Plated

SEL stands for "Sports Elegance"
and this is one of the most copied Heuer bracelets. I do not know about the designer, but I remember that there was a Heuer adverstising campaign that built entirely on that style
Not normally a watch you would except in my collection, but the discount devil struck again here. I clearly remember that autumn afternoon 1989. We were spending the vacation in our weekend house near my home town and I was working (yes, I normally try to finish some work during vacation, sigh) and then in the afternoon I felt like I should reward myself for working during the holidays. I took the train and drove to Davos (about 1 hour and 30 minutes through a truly beautiful landscape and through historic Simpson tunnels) where I spotted this watch at a Christ shop.
Despite the fact that I am not normally wearing gold watches, I am not 100% sure whether I would trade that watch for an all stainless steel version. Strange enough, it is a bit like with my other gold watches, even I do not like to wear them very much, I still like gold as a material.
And yes, the watch is still in BNIB condition, I wore it one or twice I guess, with utmost care of course, and that is exactly the reason why I prefer stainless steel :-)