Head Promotion Watch with Valjoux 72

Head Chrono with Valjoux 72




What is this watch doing here?
My father found this watch while skiing and gave it to me. I kept it in a drawer for 20 years. One day I received a very nice Birthday present: a box full with Bergeon watchmaker tools.
I did not know, that this watch was carrying the famous Valjoux 72 movement. I disassembled the watch to its 255 pieces in 3 hours, noting every step (I am not a watchmaker, just a hobbyist;-). I took me 12 hours to reassemble it. The biggest surprise was, when the balance wheel started turning...the patient had miracleously survived the operation. The reason it did not work before was, that a tooth from the column wheel had broken off and blocked the watch.
Update: a German Watchmaker needed Valjoux 72 parts and made me an offer I could not refuse.