16th Hong Kong Travel Report June 2003

Now it was time for dinner, outside it was still raining cats and dogs, for the third time this Friday. There was a heavy rainstorm in the morning and heavy winds too. A typhoon circling around in the area. Hong Kogn experiences typhoons about 6 times a year. And it is quite amazing how the city's buildings, ubiquitous ads and trees hold up to the wind blasts. A typhoon comes sometimes with rain that does not seem to fall, but to fly horizontally. Just an indication of how strong the wind can get!

This is Helen (F.Y. Wong) and Jose. Helen is PMWC's Hong Kong logistics manager and makes sure watches go out even on Saturday mornings.

The venue is the Macau Restaurant nearby, serving Macanese food which is a spicy and lovely mix between Chinese and Portuguese kitchen. Musts from the Macanese kitchen include their great pork sausages and their really great fried rice. This is of course a very incomplete list. Ask Jose for details, he seems to know all the dishes!

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