Givenchy Dress Watch Quartz

I will always remember this as the "KLM-Watch"

During the 90ies when I was working with Digital Equipment, I flew to The Netherlands on Sunday evenings countless times. The European Educational Services were located near Utrecht and thus I had to spend many weeks there for advanced training. On one of those flights, I bought this watch.
Then I remember that I started resizing the bracelet on that flight, well, I wanted to wear the watch right away in true WIS manner :-). And then the mishap occurred, a tiny little link bar tube fell down from my seat into the fluffy carpet of that plane. Wow, I was really upset, of course I could have taken a part from a spar link, but then I would not have been able to put the watch back to the original state. So I decided to go onto my knees and comb that carpet for that tiny part, diameter 0.7 mm, length 1.5 mm. Guess what? The airhostesses saw me searching for it and were so kind and helped me looking for the part. Kneeling on the carpet I looked back to the seat and then I saw the part hidden at the back of the seat. And after 10 years, I still remember that incident as if it where yesterday :-)