Super KonTiki 300 m Limited Edition 444/499

A historic Purchase
My first watch purchase over the net from a private person. I just posted some of my orange watches on TZ Public Forum and then suddenly there was a mail from Dave Budgen offering me his Super KonTiki Limited Edition. First I was hesitating, up to that time, I had only purchased 2 watches online and those came from an online dealer with an excellent reputation. But then Dave and I exchanged so many emails, we got to know each other and finally became internet friends. Dave's primary fetish are not watches, but knives, although he has acquired quite a few watches lately :-)
Today this is one of my favorite watches. I really love the Arab numerals and I have always had a weakness for orange dials. The biggest surprise when I opened the box was the quality of the bracelet. Wow, that is really top notch. I had some problems with the bracelet of the KonTiki Chronograph, I almost lost the watch while traveling in Shanghai, a split pin had almost slipped out ... This bracelet does not leave any wishes open, it is heavy, very well finished and a real joy to wear.