Super KonTiki 300 m Limited Edition 444/499

Thor Heyerdahl's Sailing Float
The story of Thor Heyerdahl would make Eterna a world renowned brand. Mr. Heyerdahl, a Norwegian ethnologist had a theory: he wanted to proof, that the population of the Marquesa's islands were in fact immigrants from Peru that had traveled the 4750 km across the sea a very long time ago. He believed that the Peruvian Inca God KonTiki and the Son of the Sun, Tiki, as worshipped in Polynesia, were in fact the same character. And Thor Heyerdahl was a practical man, he wanted a practical proof: to travel the same distance in a balsawood raft with the exactly same means he assumed were used by those early seafarers. He approached Eterna in 1937 to provide him with an exact and water resistant time keeper and 10 years later he set sail. He and his crew landed after a journey of around 100 days and over 7000 km at the Angatau archipelago. QED, quod erat demonstrandum ... and Eterna rose to be a world renowned brand, because Thor Heyerdahl was not only a ethnologist and scientist, but also a great publicist. His journey's description has been translated into 66 languages.