KonTiki Royal Quartz

This is a Ladies' Watch, right, but
I have to tell this little story so you can understand why this watch is in my collection. It is always dangerous for WIS to leave the office for lunch...
In 1976 I had bought my first Rolex, an OysterQuartz with a famous temperature compensated quartz movement as described in Carlos Perez' great article "Prometheus Bound", which talks competently about the development of the quartz watches. I had my eye however on the KonTiki first, and the KonTiki was a Royal Quartz watch just like this ladies' watch. I decided for the Rolex finally because I found the packaging of the KonTiki overdone, the KonTiki came in a huge wooden box with some gold-plated decoration, I estimated that 20% of my watch purchase would go into that box which I would rarely see after I bought the watch. So I guess buying that ladies' KonTiki was just compensation for that old "negligence" :-) and once more my WIS rule "We (WIS) can not really decide between watches to buy, we can only choose the sequence we buy them"