Elgin, USA

Elgin B.W. Raymond, ca. 1950
Caliber 571 21 Jewels, adjusted in 9 positions
Note: The watch has to be set via the front
Setting instuctions
 Back Back Movt Belt pocket
Instructions on
how to make
a belt bag
"Pocket watch chain"
Thank you Harold and Bill!

A gift from Chris M. in NYC
What a surprise this was when Chris handed me this beauty on the day before the PMWFerence NYC06 started. I will always remember my accelerated heart beat when I pulled this railroad grade Elgin adjusted in 9 positions out of the black bag! And the best was yet to come. Unscrewing that back and see that decorated movement, that was a moment a watch enthusiast will always remember. If one looks at these older pocket watches and their intricate movement build and finish, modern wrist watch movements have a hard time competing!

The Caliber 571 was obviously made in the 1950s and the last run of production was in 1954 according to some web research. The next railroad grade caliber 730 was not sold until 1961. Using Shugart's table to determine the manufacturing year of this S962052 which translates to serial number 50'962'052 (S=50) the manufacturing date must have been towards middle of 1951 as the serial number 52'000'000 is dated 1952 already.