B.W. Raymond railroad grade Elgin Pocketwatch, a gift from a watch friend 2006

How to make a belt bag for a pocket watch

I do not like pocket watch chains because...
I fear they would scratch the crystal of the watch. I do not wear dress trousers, mostly Jeans. Thus the end of the chain would be often inside the pocket rubbing on the watch. Also pocket watch crystals are not as easy to come by today as wrist watch crystals. So I decided to make my own belt bag. I googled leather stitching and quickly found a forum with instructions on how to hand stitch leather. The trick is to use two needles at the same time. This helps needle 2 to go through the same hole as needle 1 just passed in the opposite direction. It not only saves you some force to pull the needles through the leather, but it also gives nice seems. You need two leather needles, a bit of strong yarn and a 5 x 14 inch leather piece. In addition you will need a whole puncher, a big needle with a wooden grip that you use to make holes before you start stitching. I simply used a permanent pen to mark the holes on the inside of the bag and then prepared the holes. If you did this, stitching is a lot easier.
When you start stitching a bag, you start with the raw side of the leather out, once you stitched the seems, you turn the bag inside out. Then the pocket watch belt bag looks like this:

I then decided to make a very simple bag by creating a loop for a belt width of 1 3/4 inch or 4 cm. Most of my belts are that width or smaller. The free end of that loop also serves as a cover. Please note that I had also added a little leather string to the front with a knot. The reason was simply to keep the bag closed when worn in trouser pockets or in a traveling bag.

Here is the back of the bag. The top stitching's white dot on the right is a bit of glue to prevent that knot from opening. After applying the top seem - that goes through three layers of leather and requires a bit more force - I stitched the lower end of the loop to the back of the previously sawn bag. This is a very simple "construction", the simplest I could think of. All you need for this belt bag is a straight piece of leather ca. 2.5 inch or 6.25 cm wide and ca. 14 inch or 35 cm long. I made the bag ca. 3 inch deep, that measurement and also the width of the piece of leather to start with, depends on the size of your pocket watch. Most pocket watches however seem to have a similar diameter of ca. 2 inch or 5 cm. I made the bag a bit too tight, so the watch can not slide out of the bag is up-side down (when undressing).

Last but not least, the belt shot. I am wearing the mobile phone belt bag on the right (not in picture), so I designed this bag to be worn on the right side of the belt buckle. Now I can finally enjoy that Elgin that Chris Moy gave me during the PMWFerence NYC06! And of course the watch gets into the bag with dial towards the wearer. This way the crystal of the watch is better protected from unexpected blows.