B.W. Raymond railroad grade Elgin Pocketwatch, a gift from a watch friend 2006

Note the size of the crown...
that makes winding this watch a special pleasure! There is nothing more annoying then too small crown buttons. Today many people own more then one watch, most own probably too many watches. Collecting watches has become a popular hobby because on an ever "smaller" planet. Collecting vintage cars is so expensive that only a few lucky can afford it. If one owns many watches, they will run down and will need to be wound by hand.
SEIKO has realized this trend and offered the newly developed 6R15 movement in 2006 which will probably become the main movement for the lower tier SEIKOs and most likely replace a lot of models today sporting a 7S26. Just a reminder: when winding automatic watches, please wind them extra carefully. Handwind movements have been equipped with thick and robust winding stems. Automatic watches have a smaller and more fragile winding mechanism. So if you wind your automatic, do it with some extra precaution. Even if you are in a rush, do not "violently" accelerate that crown button. Rather wind it 10 turns only and get out of the house and then wind the watch fully once you sit in the train or car.